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Top 8 Things to Do in Palma de Mallorca

What is there to do in Palma de Mallorca? Fascinating historic landmarks are part of the picture. So are pine-topped mountains, windmills, rolling green hills and a gorgeous coastline. That’s not all, though.

You can also explore caves, take vintage train rides, buy handmade crafts from local artisans and go to fiestas. The list of activities is endless and this unique city is sure to be one of your favorites.

To help you get the most out of your cruise to Palma De Mallorca, Spain, Carnival has developed shore excursions that will save you time on finding your way to the most interesting places around.

Here are the top eight things to do in Palma de Mallorca, including some of our most popular shore excursions in the area.

a village in palma de mallorca surrounding the cathedral la seu

1. Get a Great Guided Tour

Start your stay in this marvelous, multifaceted port of call by experiencing many of its highlights on the Panoramic Mallorca & Valldemossa excursion.

Sit back and relax on this informative motor coach tour.

Your guide will show you landmarks like the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, renowned for its majestic Gothic architecture; the Royal Place of Almudaina, once the seat of an independent Mallorcan kingdom and the elegant, high-end shopping district known as Paseo del Borne.

You’ll then travel through scenic pine forests and almond groves to get to Valldemossa, one of Mallorca’s most picturesque villages.

Browse through the many intriguing shops and restaurants. These phenomenal views will give you memories to last a lifetime.

a wide view of the tall buildings of valldemossa, a historic village in palma de mallorca

2. Take a Trek on an 80-Year-Old Train

Step back in time and experience a ride on a vintage motor coach!

On the Soller Village and Vintage Train Ride shore excursion, you’ll hop aboard an 80-year-old, open electric train along part of the track in the town of Soller, located in the Valley of the Serra de Tramuntana. The train trek is a unique and unforgettable experience to have in Mallorca.

In the surrounding landscape, you will see luscious fruit trees, verdant olive groves and glorious mountain peaks.

Soller is a popular destination for many people around the world, including artists and writers. As soon as you see the scenery, breathe in the pure mountain air and sense the tranquility, you’ll know why.

a vintage train passing through a station in the town of soller

3. Go Boating on an Underground Lake

Mallorca is an all-around great place to visit; and by all around, we mean above and below ground! Walking and boating through caves is another essential thing to do on your cruise to Spain. Our shore excursion to the Caves of Drach will give you the best of both worlds.

During the one-hour ride to Drach, you’ll travel through a countryside dotted with hundreds of windmills and thousands of almond trees. Once inside the well-lit caverns, you’ll come across stalactites and stalagmites in incredible shapes, along with the world’s largest underground lake. Musicians riding by on boats will serenade you with a concert as you enjoy this relaxing tour.

Then, experience the lake for yourself and take a ride through this iconic landmark. The excursion also includes a visit to a pearl factory, where you will have a chance to shop for beautiful jewelry to make a great souvenir.

stalactites hanging from inside the caves of drach

4. See Highlights and Good Sites

A trip to a castle and nature viewing points also belongs on your roster of things to do in Palma de Mallorca. Be sure to take your camera or smartphone along with you when you go on the Top 10 Best of Palma shore excursion.

First, you’ll arrive at Bellver Castle, a Spanish circular castle with round towers and now nearly 700 years old. This distinctive building is perched on a hill above the spectacular Palma Bay. While there you’ll have plenty of photo opportunities, as well as at the Cathedral and Royal Palace of Almudaina.

You’ll then stop off at Valldemossa, a small and picturesque village full of rich culture and natural beauty, before traveling higher into the stunning cliff hills along the Mallorca coastline. In the village of Deià, you’ll enjoy additional panoramic vistas from the viewing point called “Na Foradada.”

Wind up the day with a short, walking tour of the Port of Soller and have some free time to spend at a café, the local beach or anywhere else you’d like.

a full view of the royal palace of la almudaina in palma de mallorca

5. Sip Wine with a View

Bodegas Santa Catarina is a beautiful spot to taste 3 of the local wines for guests over 21. On the way up to the vineyard, stop and enjoy the view of the mountain side below.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll be able to tour the facility where about a half a million bottles are produced each year. Immerse yourself in the wine-making process, from which grapes are used to visiting the sandstone caves in which the wine is stored and aged.

grapes ripening on a mallorca vineyard on a sunny day

6. Savor Street Food

If you’re a foodie, get ready to experience the flavors of Europe on this trip. Mallorca is known to celebrate many fiestas throughout the year, full of food and fun! Locate a food truck and indulge in the rich flavors of the many treats they have to offer.

While in the market or when you stop at a local food truck, try a favorite of the locals, Pa’amb Oli or Tumbet. Pa’amb Oli is a slice of moreno bread rubbed with garlic and then layered with tomatoes, olive oil and flaked sea salt. It’s sometimes embellished with cured ham, anchovies or tangy manchego cheese.

Tumbet, on the other hand, is a hearty dish of sautéed vegetables and homemade tomato sauce baked in the oven. Often topped with fried eggs for extra pizazz, it’s a popular accompaniment to the Spanish rice casserole known as paella.

Remember that you can only return to the ship with pre-packaged or un-opened food, so be sure to enjoy the local cuisine before heading back!

a dish of tumbet with some bread on the side

7. Admire Amazing Flowers

The streets of Palma de Mallorca have beautiful walkways that are perfect for a relaxing walk. Admire the beautiful scenery full of blooming flowers during your shore excursion through the city. Its natural beauty will make you want to go back for a closer look later in the day!

These flowers are delightful and will add a perfect touch to your dinner outfit! Pin one to your jacket lapel or put some flowers in your hair, you’re sure to look fabulous.

flowers adorning a windowsill on the streets of palma de mallorca

8. Shop for Glass in a Central Square

Plaça Major is a busy central square in Palma, filled with unique boutiques and eateries. You’ll also discover many street entertainers and a very active craft market.

Goods to look for from local artisans include hand-crafted glass, pottery and leather products. In fact, glass-blowing has been an active tradition in Mallorca since the second century BC, when the ancient Phoenicians visited the Balearic Islands.

a bright yellow building and the tile courtyard that makes up plaça major in palma de mallorca

When you’re booking your next European cruise, make sure Palma De Mallorca is on your list! Filled with vibrant culture and delicious cuisine, you’ll be sure to fall in love with the area. While you are there, be sure to get some gifts for friends, or take home some souvenirs to remind you of your wonderful cruise to Spain with Carnival Cruise Line.