Top 7 Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas

A warm Pacific breeze whispers across your face. The white, soft sand hugs your toes as you walk along the beach, and the pillars of eroded rock framing the scene like a fallen Roman temple. A cool drink is in one hand, a camera in the other with hopes of capturing the inspiring imagery for posterity. This is Cabo San Lucas, and it awaits you on your cruise vacation.

It’s a place that never fails to live up to lofty expectations, somehow both relaxing and pulsating, vivid and dreamy. The stories you’ve heard, the pictures you’ve seen, don’t do it much justice because, ultimately, Cabo San Lucas is something you need to experience yourself.

With so many places to go during your Mexico cruise — whether it’s a family cruise or a needed getaway with your significant other — you’ll never be lacking for things to do in Cabo San Lucas. In fact, with so many places to experience, a little bit of planning should help you get the most from your cruise to Cabo San Lucas.

carnival splendor sailing past cabo san lucas arch

1. Dolphin Swim & the Arch Exploration

Swimming with dolphins is one of those rare experiences that many dream about but few ever get to experience. With the Dolphin Swim & the Arch Exploration excursion, you swim with our underwater friends on their own aquatic turf with the help of a guide to help you get the most from your time with the dolphins. As if that wasn’t enough to make the excursion something you’ll never forget, you also take a tour of the famous Cabo San Lucas arch standing stoically over the beach. In a single excursion, you get to enjoy two different experiences that populate bucket lists around the world, making your travel to Cabo San Lucas the envy of everyone you know.

2 dolphins kissing while a couple kissing behind them

2. Camel & Mexican Outback Adventure With Lunch

Of course, Mexico is just as known for its scenic backcountry and culture as it is for its magnificent shorelines. When searching for what to do in Cabo San Lucas, exploring those countrysides on a Camel & Mexican Outback Adventure might be more your style.

With a guide leading the way, your group will explore the outskirts of Cabo San Lucas, en route to an oceanside ranch where you’ll sample homemade tortillas and local tequila, and be treated to an authentic Baja lunch — a small sampling of some of the many delicious things to eat in Cabo San Lucas. From the back of a camel, you’ll explore a side of Cabo San Lucas few get to experience at a pace that befits the laid-back lifestyle Baja is synonymous with.

visitors riding a camels along a beach in mexico with the assistance of a guide

3. Sail & Snorkel Fiesta

The tranquil blue waters surrounding Cabo San Lucas teem with life, waiting to be explored. Thankfully, the Sail & Snorkel Fiesta excursion provides you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an underwater kingdom filled with bright, vivid sea life you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

All the equipment you’ll need is provided, along with an instructor to give you a walkthrough and help guide your exploration. Afterward, you’ll be able to relax in the bay and enjoy a refreshing drink while soaking in the scenery.

group of people having fun on a white sail boat in cabo san lucas

4. Superman & Zipline Adventure

Before your Mexico cruise, you’ll probably think about the nightlife or even the many unique places for shopping in Cabo San Lucas, but getting the opportunity to fly likely won’t come to mind. Fortunately for you, your cruise has an excursion that features some of the best ziplines in all of Mexico, letting you soar like you didn’t think possible.

After a scenic drive to Boca de la Sierra — a UNESCO protected reserve — you’ll have access to seven different ziplines, including the longest in Mexico, aptly named the “Superman Line.” At over 4,000 feet in length, you’ll race above some of the most breathtaking terrains in the world that will leave you wanting more.

man riding the superman zip line in boca de la sierra

5. Wild Canyon UTV Expedition

For those wanting to roll up their sleeves, get a little dirty, and truly experience the magnificent and varied landscapes throughout the region, the Wild Canyon UTV Expedition is an opportunity too good to pass up.

Winding through canyons, streams, rocky hills and across the longest hanging wooden bridge in the world, Los Cabos Canyon Bridge, this excursion puts you behind the wheel of a UTV as a guide gives you a front-row seat for the very best that Mother Nature has to offer. Bring a change of clothes, since this excursion will likely leave you with a big but grimy smile on your face.

friends driving a red utv along a beach in cabo san lucas

6. Luxury Day Sail

Sometimes you just feel like pampering yourself a bit. In the particular case of cruising to Cabo, the Luxury Day Sail excursion provides the chance to do just that — soak up the finer side while enjoying the region’s picture-perfect seas.

Onboard a deluxe sailboat, you’ll cruise through colorful marine life as the picturesque shoreline slowly passes across your view. With a highly attentive crew, plus lunch, drinks and snacks included, your day sailing the high seas in the lap of luxury isn’t something you’ll soon forget.

group of friends sitting at the tip of a luxury sailboat as a crew member serves them a cocktai

7. Certified Two Tank Dive

For those with an Open Water Certification Card, a dive within the last year, and a desire to experience some of the most fertile waters in the world, the Certified Two Tank Dive excursion is a dream come true. With a tour operator leading the way, you’ll dive submarine canyons and alongside steep rock walls, both of which provide homes to colorful fish, invertebrates, urchins and so much more.

man and woman scuba diving near a reef off the coast of cabo san lucas

Cabo San Lucas is one of those unique locations where even the most vivid pictures and detailed stories fall short of capturing its beauty and allure. Take advantage of the many thrilling, inspiring excursions during your cruise to Cabo San Lucas, and you’ll undoubtedly want to return as soon as possible.