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On the Beaches of Grand Cayman

We sailed to the island of Grand Cayman with Carnival and it was even more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. The city was so quaint and sweet with its unique shopping centers and delightful colors everywhere.

Tess & Sarah on staircase by colorful building

We were so impressed with how all the locals were willing to help us around their city. Visiting here was like going back in time where there was so much less hustle and bustle to get around, it was truly nice for a change. There were people actually standing in the street to help direct traffic, much different than we are used to.

Tess & Sarah twirl in town by plants

Once we found our host for our excursion we were escorted to a local pier to board the boat and begin our adventure. The trip to our snorkel location was so beautiful. On the way to the location we passed by our Carnival ship on the water, seeing it stand alone in the ocean it was like a skyscraper on water, it was amazing!

Tess & Sarah on front of boat

The excursion we booked through Carnival was a snorkel trip that visited a sunken ship, The USS Kittiwake, it was the USS Kittiwake-Sunken Ship and Reef Snorkel. We got in the water where could immediately see the sunken ship that was just below the surface, it was so alive with all the beautiful fish and sea creatures and just looked absolutely breathtaking! The captain of the boat was so informative and knowledgeable in explaining what we were experiencing. This experience was the best you could imagine. 

Tess & Sarah swimming on surface of water

Tess & Sarah snorkel underwater at USS Kittiwake

We have to say we were so sad to see this amazing day come to an end, but we weren’t going to let it end without fitting in some time to explore the shops before we returned to our ship!

Shopping in the Grand Cayman was so great! There were lots of shops all around that had many things, from T-Shirts to adorable handmade items like purses and bags! All the workers at each of the shops were extremely helpful on what we may like the best. Everything in the stores is put together with so much care and detail. It’s perfect for anyone wanting something special from that particular island! We had a blast looking around at everything that was so unique in Grand Cayman!

Tess & Sarah walk down street while shopping

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Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary by ship and destination.