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The Road Less Traveled: Top Remote Destinations for the Summer

From remote beach destinations to cities full of old-world charm.

Child sitting on a boulder, in the sea, looking ahead with binoculars.
See with eyes wide open at all the world has to offer!

Why do you love to travel? Is it for the picturesque views on remote beaches, or maybe all the culture you can explore in new cities? No matter what you do, being able to relax is one of the best parts of traveling! 

Immersing yourself in a totally different environment really lets you unplug and unwind, especially if there aren’t tons of other visitors. So here are some spots that feel like remote destinations, but are still easy to access.

The Twin Pitons of St. Lucia surrounded by pink flowers.
Seeing the Twin Pitons will be a high point in your St. Lucia stay!

St. Lucia 

The idyllic island of St. Lucia is one of the best remote honeymoon destinations, and it’s clear why. Natural beauty that feels private, easy-going, and tuned out from the rest of the world? Who doesn’t want that!

Just 27 miles long, this tiny island is packed with gorgeous sights and things to do. Scuba dive in the Soufriere Marine Reserve and discover all the colorful underwater life of the Caribbean. Or, take a horseback tour to explore the lush, unspoiled beauty of the island at an easy pace; the famous twin Pitons mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage Site you just can’t miss!

Bird's eye view of Trunk Bay beach in St. John.
Soak up plenty of sun and sift through crystal-clear waters in the bays of Saint John!

St. John

Another Saint-island… this time, in the U.S. Virgin Islands! St. John is the smallest of its three main islands, making it another spot for pristine beaches and tropical beauty. The Salt Pond Bay is perfect if you’re looking for seclusion, or you can just as easily enjoy the shallow waters of Maho Bay if you’re looking for a calm, relaxing spot that’s also great for children.

Self-guided tours are a great way to put your relaxation day in your hands—and St. John offers them! The Annaberg Historic Trail will immerse you in the deep culture of its native Taino population, through stunningly restored ruins of old homes and sugar mills.

Exterior view of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland.
St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a majestic remnant of medieval Dublin.


The medieval buildings and cobblestone streets of Ireland’s capital are less-traveled than those of London, but offer the same old-world charm that makes you feel like you’re in a totally different time!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is Dublin’s 800-year-old crown jewel of medieval beauty, so be sure to make a visit! Combined with the famous Trinity College—another must-see —it’s easy to guess why Ireland is called “the land of saints and scholars”.

While you may know the famous Guinness brewery, Dublin is famous for its whiskey as well, so check out the less-visited Teeling Distillery where one of the world’s most awarded scotch whiskeys is made in small batches.

Seljalandfoss waterfall in summer time, Iceland.
Hiking the Seljalandfoss waterfall in Iceland takes just an easy, relaxing half hour!


Iceland’s gorgeous natural landscapes feel untouched by time. Though secluded from the rest of Europe, the capital of Reykjavik is easily accessible by ship from the UK. Once there, you’ll enter a gateway to remote Nordic wonders. Like Norway, it’s a land shaped by glaciers and fjords, with little towns and communities nestled in between that give you a feel of ancient, harmonious living between people and nature.

Iceland is full of spectacular volcanoes, lava fields, and unique black sand beaches, but also thermal hot springs where you can relax after a day of exploring! The country is rich in natural beauty that pulls you away from everyday life and into places that feel frozen in time.