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Travel Can Show Your Children the Wonders of the World

Colorful northern lights and intricate mayan architecture styles are more than just beautiful sights–there’s plenty your kids can learn from them!

Mother and kids in snorkeling underwater among tropical fish.
Dive into colorful experiences!

Who says the joy of learning has to stop in the classroom? That’s right! Taking your kids around the world can be a great way to expand their horizons–and their minds!

From the depths of jungles to the mysteries of space, we’ll take you through some of the best destinations that both excite and educate. And, we’ll even share some fun facts for kids along the way!

Panoramic, wintry view of the northern lights over an ocean.
The dancing northern lights are unforgettable sight.

Marvel at the wonders of chemistry and astronomy through the northern lights

World Space Week, an international celebration of space education and science, comes around in October. What better way to celebrate it with your kids than showing them the astronomical beauty of the northern lights?

The northern lights (or aurora borealis) take place when charged particles from the sun enter the atmosphere, causing pulsating shades of green, violet, and red in the sky. Seeing this happen in-person is an unforgettable way to teach your kids about chemistry in its most natural form.

Fun fact: Ancient Nordics saw the northern lights as a gateway to Valhalla.

The northern lights are best seen in colder climates throughout the fall. That’s why family-friendly accommodations to places like Alaska are a great way for kids to get that experience without the harsh travel.

Speaking of night skies, why not also enjoy one of mankind’s oldest pastimes and stargaze with your kids? Outline constellations with them, tell them stories, and they’ll get a great feel for just how fun science can be.

Rock carvings from the Bronze Age in Tanum, Sweden.
The ancient Tanum Rock Carvings depict humans, weapons, animals, and more!

Explore historic civilizations

From movies to history docs, vikings are a popular subject these days. But why not skip the screen and walk in their footsteps instead? Sweden has a storied history of art, religions, languages, and cultures dating as far back as 8000-6000 BC! 

Just an hour from Gothenburg, the Vitlycke Museum takes you through the country’s Bronze Age. There, you’ll find the Tanum Rock Carvings, a UNESCO World Heritage site that contains over tens of thousands of images that reveal the rich life and beliefs of a 3000-year-old culture. And you can participate in craft exhibitions, bronze casting, and even bow-and-arrow shooting! 

Famous red lava rock cliffs on Lanai island, Hawaii
The Lanai island of Hawaii is home to famous red lava rock cliffs.

If you’re up for a more tropical setting, Hawaii has plenty to offer besides golden beaches. 

Head to Kaunolu Village for both spectacular views and rich history. Nine miles from Maui, Kaunolu is now an archaeological site featuring the largest surviving ruins of a prehistoric Hawaiian village. Once a center for religion and story-telling, the village is still considered a sacred place. It’s the perfect way to gain deeper respect and insight of a land that is so much more than a tourist destination.

Fun fact: Kaunolu was a favorite fishing spot of King Kamehameha I.

Sea turtle and scuba divers among a colorful coral reef.
Kids will love swimming among colorful ocean friends!

Discover Earth’s massive biodiversity in jungles and reefs

From big wild cats to tiny songbirds, children love animals. And if you have kids, chances are you’ve visited a local zoo with them. So why not make it even more fun and dive into jungles and reefs that teem with animal life?

Set sail to Belize for both land and sea safari shore excursions. A wildlife riverboat safari on the historic Belize River will leave kids in awe at the sight of monkeys, manatees, dolphins, and colorful tropical birds. Afterwards, you can take them to unique animal sanctuaries you can’t find back home–like the world’s only jaguar preserve!

Off land, Belize offers over 500 species of marine life like turtles and manta rays that you and your family can experience while snorkeling. The country, after all, is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world!

The first largest? It’s none other than Australia’s famous Great Barrier Reef! Traveling through Cairns, Queensland will get you there, where over 25% of all known marine species live.

Fun fact: The Great Barrier Reef is so big, it can be seen from the moon!

Experiencing vast, colorful wildlife is the perfect way to expand your child’s love for animals. Plus, it can teach them incredible values like conservation to keep these places thriving, healthy, and beautiful to experience.