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Romantic Cruise Destinations for Couples in 2024

It’s never a bad time to sprinkle a little bit of romance into your life! As we sail into the new year, a cruise is the perfect way to step away from the hustle and bustle of life in exchange for some time with your love. These destinations also keep the sunny days coming all year long— aka, the perfect spot to make a quick getaway from your local winter chill. Even if you can only escape for a weekend, you’re always bound to cherish a little romance with the one you love. Grab your sweetie and get ready to dive into our recommendations for the best vacation destinations for couples in 2024!


Let’s talk Bermuda, lovebirds! This is your place to forget the ordinary and embrace the heart-fluttering magic of island life. Not only is Bermuda just a short cruise away from America’s northeastern coast, it also offers a sense of enchanting seclusion and timeless beauty you won’t find in many other destinations around the world. No stress— just the two of you, basking in crystal-clear turquoise waters, with world-famous pink sandy beaches and relaxation as far as the eye can see. The island’s laid-back atmosphere also encourages leisurely exploration, allowing for quiet moments and shared discoveries.

The Bahamas

The next stop on our list of irresistible destinations is The Bahamas! With countless cruise itineraries and dates to choose from that stop in The Bahamas, this tropical paradise is the ultimate backdrop for a romantic getaway. Nassau, known as the Jewel of The Bahamas, combines beautiful weather and historical charm to make all your classic romance novel dreams come true. For an extra dose of romance, we recommend Half Moon Cay! This little slice of paradise is a lover’s playground, and an exclusive Carnival destination. 

The Western Caribbean

Choose the Western Caribbean for your romantic cruise and buckle up for a love-fueled journey surrounded by stunning beaches, vibrant local culture and enough adventure to make your hearts race. Destinations like Cozumel and Grand Cayman promise escapades to underwater worlds and days spent lounging against a stunning tropical backdrop. Picture it: the two of you embarking on thrilling excursions, exploring Mayan ruins one day and strolling through laid-back shops, cafes, and museums in George Town the next. Why settle for the ordinary? Your love deserves the best!

Baja Mexico and Catalina Island

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Mexico and Catalina Island calling your name! For all our West Coast sweethearts, this one’s a no-brainer. With romantic ports of call like Baja’s Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas— plus Catalina Island off the Southern California coast—  a cruise to Baja Mexico will have the two of you falling in love all over again. Wander hand in hand through Catalina’s Avalon or explore the tiny Two Harbors for a taste of California’s bygone era. Then get ready to head south of the border to Mexico’s Baja peninsula. The warm atmosphere, combined with perfect weather and delectable cuisine, makes Mexico the ultimate choice for an unforgettable romantic West Coast getaway.

The Best Cruise Line for Couples 

When it comes to cruise lines that will sweep you off your feet, Carnival is the best for couples, every time. Between chill and thrill-worthy amenities and entertainment, carefully-curated excursions and staterooms that’ll make you feel right at home, there’s no one better to choose for your romantic vacation than Carnival. We get that your trip is about so much more than jaw-dropping scenery, delicious food and vibrant ports of call; it’s about creating a shared experience that deepens your connection. Between moments spent lounging by the pool and enjoying a couples’ massage at the onboard spa, or adventures like zip-lining and dance lessons under the stars, Carnival offers a perfect balance for every couple

Whether you’re getting lost in a tour of the pastel paradise of Bermuda, trotting on horseback together through the Bahamas, or cruising on a catamaran to a private island in Mexico, these couples cruise destinations are all about turning your romantic escapade into a legendary love story. Remember— no one does romance like Carnival.

Now all that’s left to do is grab your partner, pick your preferred destination, and book away. Once you set sail, we’ll handle the rest.