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5 Must-Know Travel Trends for 2023

Expect a year of group trips, popular travel destinations, and more!

Practically every aspect of our lives has its trends–fashion, music… and yes, even travel! And while skinny jeans may have passed their heyday (😢), travel trends will help you make memories that last forever.

Let’s take a look at the biggest trends for 2023, and the top tourist destinations that fit perfectly with these kinds of trips!

A happy multi-generation family taking a selfie on a holiday.
2023 is the year of reconnecting with family through travel!

Multi-generational trips

The years 2020-2022 saw major waves in solo travel… but group travel is back for 2023, and in a big way. From tiny tots to senior relatives, families are breaking up their everyday routines and learning more not just about the world, but each other.

Where to go: Spots like the Caribbean, Maui, and Santorini offer something for all ages. Relaxing, sandy beaches will be especially appreciated by older travelers, while scuba diving, kayaking, and jet-skiing adventures will keep the younger spirits high!

Young woman in Paris showing self-portrait photo.
Top destinations (like Paris) have definitely earned their popularity.

A return to the classics

Whether you’re a traveler who goes by-the-book or off the beaten path, everyone should see a few world-famous sights at least once in their lifetime! Iconic destinations have returned to the top of travel lists for 2023.

The best part about popular destinations? Plenty of travel guides, excursion options, and reviews are already at your disposal, making planning a breeze!

Where to go: The options are endless, from man-made wonders like the Roman Colosseum to natural ones like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!

Also, a selfie or two with the Eiffel tower as your backdrop sounds pretty sweet.

Couple enjoying a meal outdoors at a resturant.
Experience flavors you can’t find back home!

Savoring food cities 

Speaking of sweet (and savory and sour and salty…) destination meals are whisking travelers away in 2023. 

Food cities are everywhere! You can go as far as the other end of the earth or within your own country.

Where to go: Seattle and Portland make up just some of America’s emerging food cities. And New Orleans is world-famous for soul food you can take along the jazz-filled, parade-filled streets.

Across the Atlantic, Copenhagen is home to some of the best baked goods and craft beer in the world. Plus, food critics call it a mecca for delicious international cuisine–like French, Mexican, and Japanese!

Business man in casual attire having a remote video conference call on the beach.
Meetings in Maui, anyone?

WFR = “Working from roam”

More companies are also seeing just how positive remote work can be for office morale and productivity. We all know vacations can help you tune out of everyday life, but they’re also a great way to mix business and pleasure. 

After all, why can’t every aspect of life be more fun?

Where to go: The laid-back vibes of the Bahamas are perfect for de-stressing. Take office calls while kicking back on one of Nassau’s many beaches, grab some local street food and take an island tour for lunch break, then go scuba diving right after you clock out. 

All work, all play, zero stress!

Women relaxing in Carnival's Cloud 9 spa.
Treat yourself… without breaking the bank!

Budget-savvy wellness travel

Some trends are SO popular they last longer than a year! Traveling as self care was big in 2022 and still will be for 2023, but with an added consideration: self-care that’s friendlier to your wallet. 

Pro-tip: As you plan, look out for deals not just on accommodations and restaurants, but also spa packages and yoga classes. 

Where to go: If you want to prioritize wellness on your itinerary, cruises are for you. Plenty offer massages, thermal suites, facial therapy, and more packages that are just a short walk from your suite! So you can still treat yourself while saving on transportation.

Wellness comes in plenty of other forms, too! Forest hikes, scenic city tours, and leisurely horseback riding offer other ways to treat your mind, body, and soul outside of a spa or gym.