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The Ultimate Guide to Group Travel

All the tips and tricks to make group travel a breeze!

Traveling with a group can have tons of benefits–and our group travel guide can show you how to make the most of every single one! 

Whether you’re traveling with large or small groups, friends, family (even coworkers!), keep these golden rules in mind to make sure you have the most fun together.

Line of adventurers walking along a snowy landscape.
A leader can make sure things run smooth from right the get go!

1. Assign a leader

Every group trip should have someone helming the ship. They’ll be the point-person for the group–often getting everyone on board and maybe leading when booking accommodations, activities, and sending out reminders, or splitting up tasks between everyone in the group. 

It’s easy to check on last-minute details within your group when one person has all the info. Plus, it makes the journey to the destination smooth sailing!

Two women packing luggage.
Packing’s a lot more fun when you do it together!

2. Know the must-pack items

If you’re all thrill-seeking in the Caribbean, no one wants a big hike canceled because someone didn’t bring the right shoes! Make sure everyone looks at the itinerary beforehand, and packs the right shoes, clothes, and toiletries for the trip. 

Since everyone has different tastes, packing a variety of snacks can be a life-saver when you’re all on the move. Just be sure to check for any allergies beforehand, so that everyone has the right snacks (and medicine) when you’re away.

Other musts: sunscreen! It should be used every few hours, and because you’re in a group of multiple people, it can run out fast! Pack an extra bottle, just in case. 

Oh, and don’t forget a speaker for the trip! Your group will love the impromptu karaoke sessions or podcast stories ‘round the speaker. 

Extra pro-tip: make packing a group activity, whether in-person or via call. It gets rid of the stress while packing–plus everyone can get reminded of what they need right away!

3. Break off into smaller groups

In a group trip, we know that everyone’s idea of fun may not be the same. No big deal!

Say you’re in Marseilles, part of France’s famous wine country where there’s plenty to do. If each of you have different ideas in mind, no harm in splitting up! Some of the group can explore local wine and cheese tastings, while others tour local architecture like Ancient Roman aqueducts and the hometown of Nostradamus

Wherever you go, just be sure to set up a time to meet up again and continue on your adventures together!

Shot of three friends arriving at the beach with a picnic basket.
Flexibility is key to a stress-free group vacay!

4. Don’t overschedule

With rule #3 in mind, be sure to keep some parts of the itinerary free. When you’re traveling in a group filled with different needs and energy levels, it’s always best to be flexible!

Who knows? On-shore in Cozumel, you might come across a few open spots for cooking lessons you didn’t see before! Or maybe after a day of adventure in parks, nature reserves, and coral reefs, all your group wants to do is unwind at the beach

Either way, prepare for (unexpected) fun!

5. Don’t be afraid to talk budget

Some people like to splurge on vacation, while others like to be more budget-friendly. So it’s important for the group to get a feel for everyone’s spending limits. Then, set up a group fund or budget before you go.

When it comes to splitting costs on food, alcohol, or shopping, definitely don’t “figure it out later”. On a trip full of activities, it’s easy to forget! Apps like Splittr or Splitwise help you keep track of shared expenses.

Travelers walking along a city street surrounded by shops with signs in foreign languages.
Knowing even a few phrases can make for more enriching cultural experiences.

6. Don’t be afraid to talk… in another language!

You don’t have to be fluent in Italian to go to Italy, but don’t leave home without knowing a bit of your destination’s local language. Especially for a group trip!

Any number of people in your group can pick up a few phrases native to your destination. A simple “Which direction should I go in?” can save you a lot of confused group chatter. 

The best part? You’ll definitely put a smile on the local’s faces!

Female tourist overlooking a golden shot of Vernazza.
Don’t forget to connect with yourself during your group trip.

7. Find time to recharge your social battery

Keep yourself feeling refreshed and ready for the next group activity by making room for some much-needed “me time”!

It can be as simple as spending the morning solo in a coffee shop, or blocking out a half-day to visit a museum that’s high on your priority list. However you choose to spend the time is all up to you!