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Where to Travel for a 50th Birthday Celebration

It’s a special milestone, so mark it right!

Some birthdays are bigger than others. After 16, 21, and 30, reaching your 50th birthday should certainly be marked in style! Recently, Carnival Cruise Line turned 50, and to celebrate they held multi-ship meetup parties at sea, the biggest near Cozumel, complete with music, the largest Ship-Tok (TikTok dancing at sea), and special dishes and drinks.  

While not every 50th birthday bash will be quite so big, if you or someone you love is reaching this milestone, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a big trip, which makes for a perfect celebration!

But you can’t just ship off anywhere for such an important birthday. Here are five perfect destinations for celebrating the big 5-0.

Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska
If you haven’t seen Alaska by your 50th, make it happen!


The Last Frontier is unlike any other place in the country; it’s packed with plenty of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. What could be a better 50th birthday present than seeing the Northern Lights for example?

The activities up in the 49th state are endless—from taking a helicopter to glaciers, to mushing a dogsled, to boarding a fishing vessel bound for the Gulf of Alaska for the famous Alaskan King Crab. And no matter what you’re doing, there’s a good chance you’ll see some of the more wild inhabitants, like bald eagles, black bears, or humpback whales.   

Handelskade neighborhood in Willemstad, Curaçao
European architecture, but Caribbean temperatures.


As you get older, you may want more in a Caribbean destination than a beautiful beach—though that’s definitely still an important part! Luckily, Curacao delivers on white sands and plenty of interesting culture. 

As a former Dutch colony, the local architecture often incorporates unique, swooping lines—much like the curved tops of tall homes in Amsterdam. And in some parts of the waterfront district of Handelskade, it’s actually a law that the buildings must be maintained with brightly painted pastel colors every two years! Curacao offers a colorful mix of European and Caribbean flavor, so it’s an ideal spot to travel if your kids are out of the house.

Rainbow Falls in Hawaii
The 50th state for a 50th birthday? It’s a no brainer.


Where else to go for a 50th birthday but the 50th state? Hawaii is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for many reasons, like the chance to see active volcanoes (or at least the craters of some inactive spots). 

With rainforest hikes, countless waterfalls, and tropical flowers, like birds of paradise and Hawaiian hibiscus, a Hawaiian adventure will stay with you and your family for at least another 50 years, right?  There’s more nature to enjoy through the breathtaking ocean views and delicious fresh fruit, but you can also experience the islands’ unique Indigenous culture through dance, music, and torch ceremonies.

Santorini at sunset
Santorini is also beautiful after sunset.


If you haven’t made it to the Greek isles yet, don’t wait any longer! Santorini is arguably the most beautiful, towering high over the clear Mediterranean atop a 300 foot cliffs. With endless ocean views and iconic white, blue-domed buildings, Greece makes for a romantic destination too. And it’s gorgeous in the evenings if you take a sunset cruise and watch the lights of Oia winking in the open sky.

Wine connoisseurs will appreciate the unique vineyards and local products, which pair perfectly with Greek olives. Local winemakers wind small circles of grape vines on the ground to protect them from the wind and help maintain moisture in the arid land. 


Fiordland national park is New Zealand
No matter what you’ve seen, Fiordland national park is New Zealand will still impress.

New Zealand

This Pacific island nation boasts many attractions, including the top-rated city to visit in 2022! Auckland sits between two harbors, so after gazing out at nearby islands from the famous Sky Tower, you can catch a ferry and go explore their lava rocks and caves. 

Much like Australia, this long haul is likely to be a bucket-list trip for many. Outside of the cities, the natural beauty is truly astounding; Fiorland National Park in the south is a World Heritage Site because of the dramatic landscapes shaped by glaciers. Whether hiking, kayaking, or taking a scenic plane ride above it all, visitors can explore the lush forests, alpine lakes, and towering mountains.