Ornament Fun Pack

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Three original, exclusive ornaments that put your favorite vacation on your favorite tree.

This year for Christmas, break tradition a bit and try a palm tree in your living room. You don’t… actually seem that excited about the idea. Okay, let’s compromise: go with a traditional tree and deck it out with these cruise-friendly ornaments from Carnival. Instantly cruisy! This three-pack features some of the world’s coolest symbols of fun: one Carnival Fun Ship, our iconic ship funnel, and… oh yeah, a palm tree with gifts under it. (Our dream!) Your other ornaments are going to love hanging out with these. Anyway, get this set up, and nobody’s out-funning your tree this year.

Product Features:


  • Includes three original ornaments so you can put your favorite vacation on your favorite tree.
  • Iconic Carnival Funnel
  • Carnival Fun Ship
  • Holiday Palm Tree
  • Product Material: Poly Resin