Frequently Asked Questions
What is Sail & Sign?

Sail & Sign is Carnival's on board cashless credit program, which allows you to charge all your services, gratuities and purchases during your cruise to your stateroom.  All locations on board will accept your Sail & Sign card for payment; the casino will also accept cash.  A credit card or cash deposit is needed to establish your personal on board account.

How can I register for Sail & Sign?

It's easy, you can establish your Sail & Sign Account in advance via our website through FunPass.  While in FunPass, you can specify the credit card you will use while on board or if you prefer to use Cash.  For credit cards, you will need to present your card at embarkation during the check-in process.  If you prefer to use Cash, we require a deposit of $50 per stateroom, which can be handled on board at the Guest Services Desk.

What method of payment is accepted to open a for Sail & Sign Account?

Credit Cards:
American Express
JCB (Japanese Credit Bureau)
Carnival MasterCard with FunPoints®
Visa and MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card


  • Debit Cards must be a registered MasterCard or Visa card.
  • A guest traveling without his/her parents cannot use the parents' credit card even with the parents' written permission.
  • The cardholding guest must be an authorized signer by the card issuing bank.
  • If you didn't pre-register online via FunPass, you will need to complete the Sail & Sign form included in your E-Documents.  In doing so, the cardholder agrees to pay for all expenses incurred by the individuals indicated on the form; it isn't necessary for these individuals to be booked in the same room as the cardholder.

Can I add additional credit cards to my Sail & Sign account?

Yes.  Throughout your cruise, the Guest Services Desk will be able to assist you with any changes to your account, including references, additional credit cards, cash deposits and setting spending limits.

How is my credit card charged?

During embarkation, when your credit card is swiped, an initial approval of $50 is obtained. Then, throughout the voyage incremental holds will be obtained as needed. You should know, this will reduce the amount of available credit on the credit card or restrict the availability of cash in the checking/debit account. Authorization hold releases to your account is entirely up to your issuing bank.

All charges will be automatically billed at the end of the voyage. On the final morning of the cruise, a statement detailing all purchases made with your Sail & Sign card will be delivered to your stateroom. If you made a cash deposit and there is an overpayment at the end of the cruise, you will receive the overpayment in the form of a check, attached to the detailed statement received on the final morning of the cruise.

Cash Deposit:
U.S. Currency and Traveler's Checks may be used to open your Sail & Sign Account.  Once on board, please visit our Guest Services Desk who will gladly assist you in opening your account.  Throughout the cruise, as you approach the deposit limit, our Guest Services Desk will notify you that additional money must be deposited.

"Recommended" deposits per sailing duration:
2-4 day cruises: $100 deposit pp
5-8 day cruises: $200 deposit pp
9+ day cruises: $350 deposit pp

Where can I view my Sail & Sign account?

Our Guest Services Desk will gladly provide you with a balance throughout the cruise.  Also, on some of our ships, you may view your balance through your stateroom TV; just follow the options for Folio Review.

Should you have any Sail & Sign Account inquiries during the cruise, please contact the Guest Services Desk.  For inquiries after the cruise, please contact our Guest Care department (extension 70429).

Your Sail & Sign Card will serve as your Boarding Card. This card identifies you as a Carnival guest and must be carried with you along with a picture I.D. when you go ashore. Since the ship is closed to the public while docked at the various ports-of-call, you’ll have to show your Sail & Sign Card and picture I.D. to the officer on duty in order to return on board.