Frequently Asked Questions

How is The Great Vacation Guarantee different than the Vacation Protection Plan?

The Great Vacation Guarantee offers you the ability to give our product a try and if, for any reason it’s not for you, return home and receive a 110% refund. It’s that simple — there’s no cost to you.

Our Vacation Protection Plan (VPP) is a travel package designed to give you peace of mind in all aspects of your vacation planning. It includes baggage protection and waiver of cancellation fees, protection from trip delays and medical expenses, plus coverage for emergency evacuations. 

How do I exercise The Great Vacation Guarantee?

Simply go to the Guest Services desk on the ship and notify us within 24 hours of departure from the port of embarkation.  We will make our best effort to help you disembark at the next port of call.  Carnival will arrange complimentary transportation to fly you home or fly you back to the port of embarkation, in the event you drove.

What expenses will I incur if I exercise The Carnival Great Vacation Guarantee?

The expenses you would incur are for any items you purchased and enjoyed while onboard and charged to your onboard account (i.e, spa services, merchandise, alcoholic beverages, casino, etc).

When you travel home, Carnival will pay for your flight, or in the event that you drove to the ship, a flight back to your port of embarkation. In both cases, Carnival will take care of ground transportation and hotel accommodations, if needed. Please understand that incidental expenses (e.g. meals and related costs) during your travel home will be your responsibility.

If I exercise The Carnival Great Vacation Guarantee, does it apply only to myself, or to everyone travelling with me?

If the other guests traveling with you do not want to exercise the Carnival Great Vacation Guarantee, they can stay aboard and continue their cruise.

How and when will I receive my 110% cruise fare refund?

We will process your 110% cruise fare refund in less than three weeks.  100% of the refund will be applied to the form of payment used when the cruise was purchased. The additional 10% wilI be issued via check and sent to your mailing address, or if you prefer, you may receive it as cash at the Guest Services desk. 

In addition to the 110% cruise fare refund, we will also refund the actual amount paid for government fees and taxes, VPP (Vacation Protection Plan), prepaid gratuities, unused pre-purchased services (Bon Voyage, Spa, etc) and unused shore excursions. 

What are the details for the $100 onboard credit?

The onboard credit, up to a maximum of $100 per stateroom, is our invitation to you to come back and give us another try. The onboard credit can be used on a future cruise you book with Carnival, within one year. An email including instructions for redemption will be sent to you within two weeks of your return home.

Why does The Carnival Great Vacation Guarantee have an end date of April 30, 2018?

We are not yet selling cruises beyond this date. However, once later sailings are available, we will evaluate extending the guarantee beyond this date.

Will I still receive VIFP points for the sailing if I exercise The Carnival Great Vacation Guarantee?

Guests who invoke the Carnival Great Vacation Guarantee will not earn VIFP points for the sailing.

Why is Carnival doing this? Didn't you already have a 'Vacation Guarantee'?

We believe, and have so much confidence in our product, that we felt it was appropriate to make our guarantee even stronger. We're proud of the experience we deliver to the millions of guests who cross our gangway each year.

Will I incur 'Jones Act' fees if I disembark in a US port?

Carnival will take responsibility for any such penalty incurred.


From time to time, Carnival may need to update or revise these FAQs and the rules relating to the Great Vacation Guarantee to address any changes that may occur in the future.