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Cruising as Wanderlusting Explorers

When it comes to cruising, we’ve noticed there’s a really funny (and puzzling) stigma:

Adventurous souls are afraid to cruise.

They think of it as a limiting way to travel. “You’re stuck on a boat”, they say. “You’re just one of the masses”, they say. “You can never go do your own thing”, they say.

Well, friends. We’re here to break – no, CRUSH that stigma. Because it’s simply not true. We actually think cruising oftentimes gives us the ability to see and experience MORE than traveling on our own. Think about it… Every day you’re waking up in a new, exciting, and exotic location. What wanderlust soul wouldn’t be into that?! Exactly. We’re here today to share a few tips on how to get the most out of your cruise, you adventurous souls, you.


First things first, RESEARCH.

Before our Carnival Caribbean cruise, we spent ample time researching each island we’d be visiting. Keeping our itinerary in mind, we’d plan our day around the times we’d be at each location. For example, we knew we’d be entering the port of St. Thomas at 10am. We’d head straight to our favorite beach, (Magens Bay), beat the crowds and get our tan on, then hit up the local milkshake shop – all before noon! Leaving the rest of the day to get lost in the town, make new friends (we made some animal friends), or go on a hike!





Next order of business: Don’t post up on the beach too long.

You’re on a cruise. You’re relaxed. You’re in a warm and tropical location, and the desire to create that “Corona commercial” moment is oh-so-real. But be strategic. Don’t spend all day laying out in a place where there’s a lot to see and do. We’ve found a couple hours on the beach is all we need, and the rest of the day is devoted to exploring. Trust us. You can lay in a chaise lounge on the sea days – go see the sights!








When it comes to excursions, go outside your comfort zone!

Find the excursions that excite, and possibly scare you! Whether it’s scuba diving in St. Thomas, taking a salsa class in Old San Juan, or the Island Dune Buggy Adventure in Turk & Caicos, there are PLENTY of options for fun and invigorating excursions! Pick something different in each port, and you’re bound to have the trip of a lifetime. We explored Grand Turk via a dune buggy – and it was a day we will never forget!





Last but not least, get off the ship early!

Whether you’ve booked an excursion or you’re exploring the island on your own, try to be the first ones off the ship. Really utilize the time you have in that location. We’ve found that the early morning is a perfect time to chat with the locals, get a cup of coffee, or find an off-the-beaten-path restaurant for breakfast! In San Juan, we were sharing a piña colada (where the drink was created!) and had already explored the Fort San Cristobal while some people were just getting off the boat. If you get off early, you will see so much that by the end of your day in port you’ll feel like a local yourself!









There you have it, folks. Cruising IS for the wanderlust explorers.

Carnival truly knows how to ensure that their guests get the most out of their time at each port… That’s why our adventurous souls keep coming back!! And hey, why visit one island in the Caribbean, when you can go to four?!


This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.