Top 10 Cozumel Shore Excursions You Have to Experience

As the old saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained. While we’re certain you would have the time of your life simply staying aboard one of Carnival’s ships, sailing to a beautiful, thrilling, and exotic location like Cozumel, for instance, can be immeasurably more exciting and memorable by venturing out with some well-chosen Cozumel shore excursions.

The quintessential tropical paradise with perfect Mexican beaches and thrills to spare, Cozumel excursions have the curious habit of making the Caribbean island a new favorite place for anyone that steps foot on its shores. From history and exploration to thrill-seeking and warm ocean breezes, your cruise to Mexico isn’t complete until you’ve experienced some of the best excursions in Cozumel.

And as you might have guessed, Carnival has a few ideas to get your vacation daydreams running and pulse racing in anticipation of your upcoming cruise to Cozumel.

1. Tropical Wonders, Front & Center

Close your eyes for a moment and picture a tropical oasis. It probably includes white, sun-baked beaches, turquoise blue water that’s warm on your skin, lush vegetation, and exotic wildlife. Well, we have some good news for you because that vision is waiting for you at the All Inclusive Chankanaab Beach Day & Sea Lion Show excursion.

A perfect mix of relaxation on the beach, snorkeling with vibrant fish and coral, and an amazing sea lion show, this excursion encapsulates everything that makes Cozumel such a unique and endearing place.

all inclusive chankanaab beach day

2. Meet the Ocean’s Most Fascinating Ambassadors

At some point in their lives, nearly everyone has fantasized about swimming with dolphins and playing with these friendly, smart, and fascinating creatures. The Dolphin Swim with Unlimited Food & Drinks excursion during your cruise to Cozumel gives you just that opportunity, letting you get up close and personal with playful dolphins on their home turf.

Of course, the unlimited food and drinks, chance to kayak through the inviting water, and snorkel amongst the tropical fish are also pretty tempting in their own right.

dolphin kissing little girl in cozumel

3. Nature’s Very Own Theme Park

Whether you’re cruising with the family, on a romantic Mexican getaway, or taking some valuable “you” time, Xcaret Park is a Cozumel excursion that offers something special to everyone. After all, who wouldn’t be intrigued by the thought of floating atop an underground river?

Swim in picture-perfect lagoons, dive into cenotes, explore underwater Mayan sites, or just walk through the world-class aquarium. Like we said, everyone will be inspired and awestruck with Xcaret Park.

exotic birds flying over beautiful xcaret park

4. An Otherworldy Underground Adventure

Speaking of underground rivers, how does the thought of exploring an entire subterranean world sound? Assuming we’ve piqued your attention, the Amazing Secret River excursion is a must-see for anyone with an explorer’s spirit and craves new experiences in life.

Follow an expert guide into one of the region’s most treasured sights, a series of caverns filled with natural formations and connected by hidden waterways. You’ll swim in the crystal clear water, learn about the astonishing caverns, and come away with a unique story that’s bound to make everyone you know jealous.

a couple enjoying the caves in the amazing secret river

5. A Walk Through Mayan History and Culture

The vast and powerful Mayan once ruled the beautiful landscapes of Cozumel and the entire surrounding region. With the Ancient City Of Tulum excursion, you’ll get a first-hand perspective of the magnificent temples and formidable skills of this incredible ancient culture.

After a short ferry ride to the mainland, an expert guide will walk you around the site, explaining the significance of its many temples and why, to this day, Mayan culture continues to intrigue people all over the world. Before you leave, be sure to check out Tulum’s famous beach, widely thought of as one of the most beautiful on earth.

beautiful beach at the ancient city of tulum

6. Dive Into a Colorful Underwater Kingdom

It’s one thing to admire dazzling sea life and coral from the surface, but quite another to scuba within their domain. The mesmerizing colors and diversity alone are enough to hook you on underwater exploration for life, as you’ll see after the Certified Two Tank Dive excursion.

Led by a local dive master, you’ll experience Cozumel’s wondrous sights below the sea on two separate dives and, as we warned, just might walk away from the excursion a lifelong scuba fanatic.

two tank diver underwater in cozumel

7. Feel the Full Cozumel Experience

Of course, no list of the best Cozumel excursions would be complete without an extraordinary beach excursion that takes full advantage of the island’s idyllic, diverse beauty. Thankfully, the Deluxe Beach, Catamaran Sail & Snorkel excursion does one better by combining a perfect and private tropical beach, snorkeling on Paradise Reef, and transportation on a 65-foot catamaran, all in a single excursion.

Needless to say, this is an excursion that immerses you in the complete Cozumel experience.

8. A Taste of the Finer Side

Having your own tropical island is the sort of thing that dreams are made of. Fortunately, the All Inclusive Passion Island by Power Catamaran excursion gives you a chance to experience the finer side of life by providing you access to Isla Pasion, a small and perfect oasis just a short catamaran cruise from the shores of Cozumel.

Relax on its gorgeous beaches, take a dip in the crystal blue waters, and play family-friendly games beneath the swaying palm trees. When you start to get a bit hungry, a Mexican-style buffet will be waiting with fresh local ingredients and dishes that will make your palate sing.

9. Satisfy Your Tropical Wanderlust

Sometimes you need to get boots on the ground and explore everything that a place has to offer.

This is precisely what the Adventure Jeep & Snorkel at Punta Sur excursion provides you, a chance to get off the beaten path and discover the many sights and sounds in Cozumel’s famous Punta Sur Park, an ecological preserve that puts the area’s natural charm and beauty on full display.

If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a crocodile wading through the intriguing interior jungle lagoon as you make your way to Punta Sur Marine Park. Once there, you can grab a snorkel and explore the warm waters or just sit on the beach and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

woman walking along the beach in cozumel

10. Soar Above Cozumel, Discover the Wonders Below

For the thrill-seekers aboard, the Fantastic Zip Lines, Snorkel, & Beach excursion is a unique blend of pulse-pounding excitement and beachfront relaxation. You’ll soar through the air as you traverse six suspension bridges and propel yourself across three separate zip lines, only to rappel down 75 feet to cap off the thrills.

Afterward, snorkel amongst the throngs of tropical fish, relax on the beach, or jump in the sea for a selection of watersports that are bound to keep your heart rate up.

Cozumel is the sort of tropical paradise that must be experienced to truly be appreciated. Before you start packing those bags for your fabulous Mexican cruise, take a moment to check out the many excursions available to you and make the very most of your time in Cozumel. We promise you won’t be sorry.