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How to Have a Stress-Free Vacation

Overwhelmed by travel planning? Follow these tips and tricks!

Couple relaxing on chairs on a beach
Love the journey. Leave the stress behind!

Going to a picture-perfect destination can be quite relaxing… once you’re finally kicking back at a beach or exploring a new city, that is! 

Before that? There’s planning, booking, packing, and all kinds of things to keep in mind that can get in the way of a stress-free vacation. But fear not! If you’re wondering how to set yourself up for an easy, breezy trip, you can follow these ideas to get started.

Couple browsing a tablet surrounded by travel items
Browse deals before you book!

Sign up for deals

If you want to minimize the stress of travel, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you’re staying within your budget. So instead of guessing or researching for hours on the cheapest times to travel, sign up for deals, alerts, or newsletters as you browse the web. That way, you’ll save yourself precious dollars on travel and accommodations, or find limited-time deals on everything from local restaurants to tours at your destination!

St. James Park in London during the fall
With golden trees and crisp weather, St. James Park in London is gorgeous in the fall.

Book off season

Speaking of saving, booking off-season can also be a great way to stress less over your travel budget. The pros aren’t just financial, though. In addition to lower rates, off-season travel gets you fewer crowds and a slower, more local feel. Plus, you can visit iconic spots that’ll look super unique in a different season. 

Imagine yourself walking London’s Royal Parks surrounded by autumn leaves… How charming does that sound? 

Evening waterside view of Bergen, Norway
Bergen is the colorful gateway to Norway’s majestic fjords and glaciers.

Choose second cities 

Have you heard of second-city tourism? It’s a travel trend of visiting a country’s lesser-known destinations, to explore unique places with fewer crowds. If you want a more enriched cultural experience when you travel, we’ve got a few suggestions of second cities to visit.

Instead of Oslo, consider Bergen, the “street art capital of Norway” and a key gateway to the famous fjords of Scandinavia. Or instead of Sydney, head to Melbourne—as “Australia’s cultural capital”, it’s a hub for creative arts, sports, dance, and music.

Thinking more Western Hemisphere? Mexico is so much more than its famously popular capital city. Merida is vibrant, rich with culture, and one of the top places to visit in 2022, so it’s well-worth the trip.

Carnival cruise ship leaving a Miami port
Set sail and feel all the stress float away!

Travel by ship 

Vacations are for escaping the pressures of everyday life. But navigating multiple airports, keeping track of flight documents, luggage, and having little personal space on a flight can add all that stress right back.

On a ship, you’ll be able to sail through the planning, explore multiple destinations, and only have to unpack once! Plus, the journey is part of the fun. Instead of sitting on a plane or train, you can enjoy everything from casual eats to fine dining, spa trips, stage shows, and comedy clubs. All you have to do is pick from the options and head on down to the fun!