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The Benefits of Getting Married at Sea

Why you should tie the knot at sea!


A female couple getting married
Happily Ever After never looked so bright!

So you’re engaged—congratulations! This is an exciting time in everyone’s life, and you’re likely filled with happiness, joy, and some nervousness too! But not long after the initial rush comes something else: planning. 

Weddings are major events, and each couple wants theirs to be special. With that said, there are some big benefits to having a wedding at sea. So, before you plan, ask yourself if getting married at sea is right for you and your partner. 

Newlyweds posing by a railing that overlooks a city landscape
Weddings at sea are bound to get a good reception!

Easier, flexible planning

There’s so much to figure out when planning a wedding, it can be tough to know where to start! But if you’re getting married at sea, there’s an easy step one: Onboard the ship or at a destination?

If you’re choosing blue waters of the open ocean as your wedding backdrop, the planning is flexible—how many guests, what type of food, and which venue can all be selected from the options available onboard the ship. Where your departure port is also important to consider, and with options ranging from New York to Seattle, you can find one that’s closest to home for you and your guests. 

Whatever you want for your wedding, having a narrowed down–but still flexible–list to choose from is incredibly helpful.

Panoramic view of St. Kitts and Nevis
St. Kitts is widely considered as the Caribbean’s hidden gem.

And if you’re going with a destination? Just choose which cruise takes you there and the planners can help with the rest! Options abound: If you’re looking for pristine beaches, then The Bahamas or Jamaica are great options—or even more remote destinations further east into the Caribbean like St. Kitts with its rolling green hills, or St. Lucia with the towering Pitons in the distance.  

Red, orange, and white wedding bouquet
For weddings, colorful blooms can cost a pretty penny!

More fun, Less money

It’s a well-known fact: Weddings are expensive! There’s a bunch of different costs to cover and everyone tries to “upsell” you on this special day. From catering, flower arrangements, DJs, decorations, photographers, wedding planners, and venue charges—the average wedding cost in the U.S. is more than $20,000!   

Considering this, there is a big benefit to having everything packaged together, and a cruise wedding package is the perfect way to do it! Not only can the bundle help save serious money, there are also some costs you simply won’t need to worry about since they’re a part of the cruise. No chartering shuttle buses between the venue and the hotel, and in fact no booking hotel rooms at all!

A couple sailing on the water and pointing to a setting sun
Sunsets on the water: remote, relaxing, romantic.

Instant honeymoon

This may be the biggest perk of all. After your wedding, you’ll surely be exhausted from all the excitement, partying, and dancing. The last thing you’ll want to do is take a trip to an airport to set off on your honeymoon. But with a wedding at sea, your honeymoon begins the minute your reception is over! 

If the first thing you and your partner want is relaxation, you can hit the spa for a couples’ massage or head right to the pool for lounging. But if you’re both adrenaline junkies, your next port will likely offer you the adventures you want! Whether that’s zip-lining through the jungle in Belize, or sailing into the sunset in Santorini. 

Plus if you’re looking for culture, there’s no shortage of options—from the impressive architecture in Seville, Spain to ancient history in the Mayan pyramids of Yucatán, Mexico, to experiencing unique, indigenous traditions in Hawaii.