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Can’t-Miss Fall Foods

Yes, there’s pumpkin everything, but much more!

Ever heard that you should only eat oysters in months that end with “r”? Cooler weather is right around the corner, and that means a whole host of great eats are now in season. 

So, why not take a trip to where the food is freshest and eat “super local?” Here are the best bets for delicious fall foods and where to go find them.  

Fresh oysters are ideally enjoyed in the fall (and with wine and lemon!)


The old saying doesn’t quite ring true anymore—avoiding oysters during the summer had a lot to do with lack of refrigeration. That said, wild oysters spawn (release their eggs) in warmer months when they’re more flavorful, so you can really start to enjoy them in September! 

New to eating mollusks? Try them with some cocktail sauce! 

Where to chow down: Portland, Maine, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Long Island, New York,  Halifax, St. John, and other coastal Canadian cities.

Even picky eaters will be happy all apple season.


Fall means that apple season is here. Whether you’re visiting the pick-your-own orchards across New England or the country’s top apple producer Washington state, you’ve gotta eat some fresh, crisp apples in the fall. 

Enjoy them in pies, sweet or hard ciders, turnovers, apple cinnamon donuts, crips, sauces, on top of salads, or dipped in caramel! 

Where to chow down: The areas surrounding New York and Seattle are excellent for local apples.

You can switch things up in autumn with pumpkin ale!


Of course pumpkin spice is everywhere, but you can get a better flavor experience with the real thing. A lot of pumpkin patches sell carving pumpkins that you can save and roast the seeds from, but there are smaller pumpkin varieties for eating.  

Try baking your pumpkin before making a seasonal soup or salad, or make your own pie without using the canned filling. 

You can also find pumpkin beer at local breweries this time of year—Boston is a classic beer town with some great options. 

Where to chow down: The northeast, Norfolk Virginia and believe it or not, around Los Angeles.

Sweet potato fries are great, but they’ve got nothing on the pie.

Sweet Potatoes

It’s not surprising that sweet potato pie is a southern dish—four out of the five top producing states are down south. You can enjoy this southern staple from North Carolina (where more than half the country’s sweet potatoes are grown!) all the way to Texas—don’t forget to ask for whipped cream on top! Sweet potatoes are also great as fries, mashed, or as a bisque!     

Where to chow down: The Carolinas, Louisiana, and Texas.

Fall offers both hard and soft shell options for lobster lovers.


September is the middle of peak lobster season throughout Maine. In fact, towards the end of the summer, you can savor both the traditional hardshell lobster and soft shell varieties. Soft shells are best when local because they don’t travel as well, but their meat is a little sweeter and saltier—and they’re easier to open! Head north, get your bib on, and get cracking! 

Where to chow down: Head to Portland, Maine for a lobster feast.