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Top Ten Souvenirs Worth Traveling For

Because why get Hawaii souvenirs online and skip out on its beaches?

Souvenirs should be more than just forgotten trinkets on your bookshelf. But where do you go to find something besides the everyday t-shirt or magnet?

Fear not. We’ll take you through some top travel destinations, showing you how to experience them and what to take home to remember your travels forever. From the best souvenirs from Hawaii to Australian souvenirs that support Aboriginal communities, we’ve got you covered!

Brightly colored fabric, dyed using the ancient batik technique, on a clothesline in St. Kitts.
The batik dying technique is over 2,000 years old!

Batiks: St. Kitts

The experience: From ziplining and speedboating to on-shore cultural tours, adventures await you in St. Kitts

The souvenir: Many tours end at Caribelle Batik in Romney Manor. There, you can find ladies making vibrant fabrics called batiks! No two pieces are alike, so be sure to grab one to remember the tropical colors of St. Kitts.

Jade: Alaska

The experience: Trek sky-high mountains, see the Northern Lights, and ride the Yukon Railway in wild Alaska. Also, be sure to check out the art scene in downtown Juneau, where there are plenty of art galleries, museums, and studios!

The souvenir: Chat with local artisans selling handmade jewelry, knives, and figurines made of rare Alaskan jade. Leave some extra room in your bags if you’re up for even more souvenir ideas.

Guavaberry liqueur: St. Maarten

The experience: Scenic bike tours, horseback riding, and more will take you through the rolling hills of St. Maarten. Along the way, you’ll definitely see guavaberry trees–there are more of them on the island than any other place in the world!

The souvenir: Locals use the berries to make these spicy liquors, mostly used for desserts and drinks during the holidays. To remember the flavors of the Caribbean, grab a bottle on the island’s very own Guavaberry Emporium in Phillipsburg!

Spice market in Grenada.
Did you know? The Isle of Spice’s flag has a nutmeg on it!

Spices: Grenada

The experience: Speaking of spices, the “Isle of Spice” is full of them, and key to Grenada’s robust food scene you have to try for yourself. Who doesn’t want to end a day of rainforest explorations with some of the best-flavored foods in the world?

The souvenir: Head to Market Square in St. George! You’ll find nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger fresher and more flavorful than the ones at your grocery store.

Brightly colored Huichol beaded jewelry.
Huichol pieces will help you remember all the vibrant colors of Mexico.

Huichol art: Mexico

The experience: Explore Mexican life as it was thousands of years ago by exploring Mayan ruins. Then, discover the beauty of the country’s indigenous populations that live on today in Huichol-crafted art!

The souvenir: The indigenous Huichol community create everything from skulls and jaguars to jewelry–all from tiny, colorful beads! They’re incredibly unique, but can be found in major destinations like Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon Market. 

Candlesticks: Sweden

The experience: Historic civilizations can also be found in Sweden. Step in the footsteps of Vikings as you roam ancient fjords, village towns, and medieval cathedrals

The souvenir: A cozy night sounds great after a day of Viking-inspired adventures, right? Candlesticks are integral to mysa (“cozy”), the Swedish concept of de-stressing and living in the moment. 

They’re so important to Scandinavian culture that you can find them anywhere from Sweden’s Gothenberg to Danish versions in Copenhagen

Koa wood: Hawaii

The experience: For many travelers who love Hawaii, honoring and supporting local life goes hand-in-hand with relaxing on the beach, snorkeling adventures, and waterfall hikes

The souvenir: Koa wood is found only in Hawaii. Purchase them from local artisans who create koa wooden bowls, phone cases, and more!

You can find them throughout Hawaii, like Koa Wood Ranch on the Big Island or Martin & MacArthur on Maui.

Didgeridoos and boomerangs for sale in an aboriginal souvenirs shop.
Learn, appreciate, and support indigenous communities whenever you travel!

Wooden didgeridoo: Australia

The experience: Learn about Aboriginal cultures like the Yawuru through guided tours in Broome, Australia. These areas are alive with the sounds of Indigenous Australia, from their native languages to the famous Aboriginal wind instrument, the didgeridoo!

The souvenir: Find them at the end of your guided tours in Broome, in the scenic river city of Brisbane, or the cultural hub of Melbourne!

Knitted Gombey dolls: Bermuda

The experience: While swimming with dolphins and exploring crystal caves in Bermuda, you’re shore to spot local Gombey, a small population made up of a blend Africa, Native American, Caribbean, and British cultures. 

The souvenir: The Gombey knit colorful dolls you can buy at the Bermuda Craft Market, located near the National Museum of Bermuda. There, you’ll often see them being made right in front of you!

A glass of sangria and mozzarella salad along Costa Brava, Spain.
Take some sangria back home and savor the taste of the Mediterranean all over again!

Sangria: Spain

The experience: Touring Barcelona will leave you with memories of sun-drenched beaches, grand Gothic architecture, and delicious food finished with some of the best wine in the world. So why not take a piece of that back home?

The souvenir: Dine at Casa Loleoa in Barcelona, where they make their own “Loleoa Sangria” you can buy for yourself or a loved one!