The 10 Best Gifts to Get for the Cruiser in Your Life

Your gift-giving game says a lot about who you are. Are you the person who meticulously researches and plans? Or maybe you’re the one who completely forgets to buy a present at all? Hey, we don’t judge! In fact, we’re here to help. Today, we’re diving into the best gift ideas for all the cruise-lovers in your life (because we also happen to know a thing or two about cruising). 

There are a number of ways to treat the cruisers in your life, whether it’s helping them stay organized, making sure they look fabulous for every onboard occasion, keeping them hydrated, or brightening up their stateroom with cute decor. The best part? A cruise-inspired gift is guaranteed to get them even more excited for their next journey! Keep reading for cruising gift ideas that are sure to wow. 

Prepping for a Cruise

Let’s go back to basics for a second. If your favorite travel lover is new to life at sea, think about sending them off on their maiden voyage with one of these cruise essentials:

Packable Bag or Backpack 

Rule #1: if your loved one is going on a cruise, they obviously have stuff to carry. How else are they

going to hang onto all the essentials? Think about picking up a bag that fits their usual vacation vibe— it could be a spacious tote bag for transporting excursion supplies, a waterproof phone pouch for beach escapades, a smaller backpack that will help them stay light on their feet, or a cool n’ comfy crossbody fanny pack they can take on the go.

Gift Card for New Cruisin’ Clothes

If you have friends and family who absolutely must cruise in style, think about giving them a gift card to their favorite shop! They can buy a new fit that will have them looking photo-ready in no time, whether they’re lounging by the pool or enjoying a night of elegance at sea. If you don’t know which store to go with, there’s no shame in playing it safe with an Amazon gift card.

Custom Cruise Swag

Is your giftee headed on a cruise with family and/or friends? Say no more. Personalized gear featuring a group name or a fun trip slogan are great gifts to make sure the whole cruising crew remembers the trip for years and years to come. Picture this: a fun-loving group of cruisers strutting down the lido deck in unison, their matching shirts emblazoned with something like “Here for the Vitamin Sea” or “On Cruise Control.” That’s powerful stuff! These fabulous ideas are our gift to you.

Travel Gadgets

Whether it’s a pair of fancy noise-canceling headphones, a GoPro that captures every cherished memory, an e-reader for the traveling bookworm or a portable charger for electronics, we’re sure that any of these travel gadgets and gifts will make for one happy cruiser. Our personal recommendation is a Fujifilm Instax Camera— you may have seen these little guys on social media recently, but they really are a timeless way to ensure every moment of a journey is captured in stunning detail. Choose a film size and camera type for your loved one, and you’ll set them up for the best cruise ever!

Refillable Water Bottle

Trust us when we say that a refillable water bottle is an absolute must for every cruise adventure. And a collapsible refillable water bottle? Best invention ever. These handy bottles keep cruisers hydrated during their vacation, and conveniently pack down super small when it’s time to head home. Because remember–hydration is key to making sure the fun never stops. 

Stateroom Flowers and Bubbly 

Did you know you can send a floral arrangement or fine wine directly to a cruise stateroom? Surprise the cruiser in your life with a well-deserved treat by sending them a thoughtful tropical bouquet to decorate their stateroom and a bottle of champagne to enjoy on their balcony. Cheers to that!

Carnival Gifts & Gear

If your favorite cruiser loves a fun-filled gift, step into Carnival’s magical workshop! Aka, our very cool online shop. There, you’ll find some of our most festive and fabulous holiday goodies, including two of our personal faves: the Ornament Fun Pack and the Fun Ship Cookie Cutters. Run, don’t walk, to our holiday gifts and make someone’s wish come true. And if you choose to treat yourself to some retail therapy instead? Well, we promise not to tell!

Bonus: Gifts From Onboard

Special bonus round! If you happen to be a cruise lover yourself, don’t forget you can always pick up a gift for your cruiser friends while at sea. Every Carnival ship offers onboard shopping opportunities that range from duty-free liquor, to fan-favorite watches, to discounted beauty products and more. If you’re in a pampering mood (for yourself or others), think about a higher-end purchase—available on Carnival’s newer vessels— like a preloved Rolex or a vintage luxury handbag from brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel.

In a world where there are countless gifts to choose from, we like to think these ones are like the VIFP pass to unforgettable fun. Help your favorite cruiser gear up for their next fun-filled journey by checking an item off their packing list! 

We have one final gift to share, and it may even be one of those ‘best for last’ type things. We promise any cruiser on your list would love nothing more than a Carnival Gift Card to put toward their next adventure. They can use this to book their next cruise or splurge on their dream excursion— give the gift that keeps on giving and let your loved one enjoy whatever floats their boat.

If you’ve decided a Carnival Cruise Line Gift Certificate is the perfect gift, we love your style! Head over to our gift card page or buy cruise tickets here.