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The 10 Best Kid-Free Vacation Activities

When it’s time for the adults to have a little fun.

We’ve all had fun-filled family vacations, but there are some major benefits to leaving the children behind once in a while—it opens up a longer list of activities!

Whether your kids are out of the house, staying with a sitter or family, or if you never had any in the first place, these are the best kid-free activities to try out on your next vacation:

  1. Get cooking: No kids means you can try some different types of restaurants, and you can hone your own cooking skills as well! Want to learn how to roll your own sushi? Make your own pasta? Master a saffron risotto? Book a class and spark your culinary creativity.

    Do you prefer reds or whites?


  2.  Sample and sip: Traveling is all about taking in new flavors and cultures, and getting to know a region’s wines is a delicious, adults-only way to experience your new locale. If you’re more into beer, grab a flight from a local brewery, and non-drinkers can get in on the tasty and growing “mocktail” trend.

    Don’t be afraid to break out your moves.
  3. Bust a move: Whether it’s a swing dance, a ballroom session, funk, rock, or disco, a night out dancing is always a memorable experience of kid-free vacation fun. Be sure to add “dancing shoes” to your packing list.

    A couple’s massage is the perfect pampering for you and your partner.
  4. Pamper yourself: If your feet are sore after all that dancing or you’re still carrying pre-vacation stress in your shoulders, book a couple’s massage for romantic relaxation—or a facial, body wrap, or steam room session. You’ll be on cloud 9!
  5. Know when to hold ‘em: Cutting loose on vacay? Hitting the casino for a bit of adult action could be a good bet. Whether you play blackjack, craps, Texas hold ‘em, or slots, bring along your “casino cash”.

    Start a trip off with a more relaxed body and mind.
  6. Stretch it out: Yoga is often more accessible than people think, plus it’s a great way to get into vacation relaxation mode. Look for a class based on your experience level while traveling. After a healthy stretch, you’ll be saying, “Namaste another week.”

  7. Look back in time: Historical tours are an incredible way to connect with a destination and broaden your horizons, whether learning about architecture in Rome or Tlingit totem poles in Sitka, Alaska. Get an in-depth peek at the past, not just the “kiddie version”.

  8. Explore on two wheels: Exercise and transportation at the same time, biking is a win-win for vacation exploration. Plus, you’ll be burning calories, so you might as well pull over for snacks, coffee, or treats along the way!

    Dig into local culture at a museum.
  9. Get your art on: Kids may not have the same “art attention span” as adults, so kid-free travel gives you an open window to visit more cultural attractions and tiny galleries alike. Check out local artists or only-in-that-place masterpieces—may we recommend Paris or Florence?

    Exploring the local landscape is another great way to get to know a place.
  10. Take a hike: Want to climb up a volcano in Hawaii? What about a glacier in Alaska or a Mayan pyramid in Mexico? Go for it without worrying your kids will fall behind or beg to turn back. Getting out into nature is a must, no matter your destination—and you can often go much further without little ones in tow.