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Best Private Beaches in the Caribbean & Bahamas

There are hundreds of beaches you can visit on a cruise, in the most beautiful parts of the world. But there’s nothing quite like a private beach, where you can sink your toes into the soft sand and enjoy views and services not available to the general public.

Too often, private beaches mean shelling out big bucks for high-end luxury beach resorts, but on a cruise you can experience the same kind of pampering for much less. (Some private beaches at cruise ports are included in your fare, others may require an additional shore excursion charge—but it will still be less than the price of staying at a fancy resort.)

private beach in Nassau


While this popular Bahamian port itself is not exclusive, a cruise to Nassau can be your ticket to private beach paradise. Ask about excursions to the expansive Atlantis resort, which has its own private beach and Dolphin Cay. Another option is to book an excursion to Balmoral Island just off Nassau’s coast. There you can enjoy the private island’s white-sand beaches and bars, plus a swimming pool overlooking the aquamarine ocean.

horseback riding on a private beach in half moon cay

Half Moon Cay

This one is also in the Bahamas and it’s an entire private island, so you’d better believe it has a private beach. Half Moon Cay looks like the kind of island you’d love to be stranded on for days on end – It’s that postcard-perfect looking. If Half Moon Cay is on your itinerary, this exclusive experience is all part of your cruise, but you can also pay a little more to upgrade to a seriously swanky private day at the beach by renting a villa or cabana.

private beach in grand turk

Grand Turk

Turks & Caicos is famous for its posh hotels and resorts, but you can visit your own private beach when you cruise to Grand Turk and explore all that’s on tap at the Grand Turk Cruise Center. There is no charge for cruisers to use the beach here, so settle in on a beach lounger. There are beach floats and clam-shaped shades available for rent—along with luxurious poolside cabanas. This beach is a short walk from where you disembark, and if you’re looking for a really private beach—as in an uninhabited one—ask about shore excursions that take you snorkeling or for lunch to one the area’s many little untouched islands.

carnival valor in mahogany bay

Mahogany Bay

For a spot that’s a little more under-the-radar, cruise to Roatán and enjoy the private beach area of Mahogany Bay. This island sits atop volcanic rock and one of the world’s best coral reefs, making it ideal for snorkeling and other types of marine exploration. But if you’re happiest stretched out on the sand or a lounger, Mahogany Bay has just what you need, including options to upgrade to VIP villas.

pineapple drink in amber cove

Amber Cove

Nestled on the Dominican Republic’s northern coast is where you’ll find this new cruise destination that welcomes cruisers to a brand-new beachfront facility designed just for you.  While there are plenty of things to do in and near Amber Cove, we won’t blame you if you decide to simply enjoy a stroll along the shore or plop under a beach umbrella for a well-earned dose of serenity.


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