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Our last stop on our recent Carnival Cruise was to Cozumel, Mexico. Sadly, Julian wasn’t feeling well that morning and decided it would be best to stay on the ship and get some rest, so the five of us ventured out for a day on the beach. First, we stopped at a little restaurant for tacos and queso, margaritas for the adults and virgin strawberry daiquiris for the kids. We then hailed a cab to one of the many beaches. We asked our cab driver to take us to one that is more secluded than others, and he delivered. He took us to San Fransisco Beach and we were able to walk down away from the crowds and relax and play in the ocean.













Before we left, we noticed that one of the dipping pools next to the restaurants was empty, so we quickly jumped in and ordered some drinks and chips and salsa. San Fransisco Beach is really cool—they have giant outdoor beds on the sand to relax in with canopies to block you from the sun (because naps on the beach are the best) and adult-sized swings. There were lots of cool shops there, too, but we decided to shop closer to the ship.




I wish we would have gotten more photos, but the day didn’t go exactly as planned. It’s actually funny story—we asked our cab driver to drop us off at this long row of stores on the way back to the ship. Once we got out, we started browsing and the kids had found some cool little souvenirs, then Plum said “Umm, where’s the backpack?” Panic set in as we quickly realized that we did not have one of our bags with us and must have left it in the cab that had dropped us off 15 minutes before. There wasn’t anything of real value in the backpack—just some clothes, towels, and things, but some of the little kid’s favorite toys were in there, so they were pretty sad. We ran out to see if we could find another cab driver that could help us, but none of them were stopping, so we decided to just accept our loss and move on. We bought a couple of things for the kids and went to grab some food before heading back to the ship.

We had an hour to kill and then Aubrey said “I want to at least try to find our backpack.” We all told him “no” and that we didn’t have much time left before the ship was scheduled to leave, but he was determined and said he would make it back in time and to just get on without him. This made Plum and I a little nervous, but went with it. We finished up our food and walked around for a bit until it was time to board the ship. We waited for him by the entrance for as long as we could and then anxiously got on the ship, worried that he would be left. (Remember, I fried my phone in Jamaica, so I couldn’t call him to check on his whereabouts.) When we returned to our rooms, he greeted us at the door. He had beat us to the ship and he found the backpack! We couldn’t believe it. He paid another cab driver to help him find the bag and luckily the driver we had before was a sweet, honest man and returned it to us. What a day!

This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.