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Excitement vs. Chill: which entertainment style will be #winning on Mardi Gras?

It’s an age-old question: what kind of vacation do we want? Now, without a doubt everyone wants fun… but what kind of fun? There’s so much variety on a Carnival cruise — and especially on Mardi Gras, our next new ship, setting sail from Port Canaveral in 2021.

But if you think about it, most of the onboard vacation fun can be broken down into two categories: chill or thrill.

What kind of Mardi Gras cruiser are you? Jumping up and down cheering on Team Thrill? Or are you the type to kick back and give The Chill Squad a confident nod from the sidelines? Here are some real-world examples of what to expect on Mardi Gras… so you can know for sure.


You’ve seen it on your TV… but ever on your cruise ship? Not yet — Mardi Gras is the first-ever ship to play host to Family Feud Live, plus you and your bunch actually have a shot at starring in this show! All this family fun is hosted by your cruise director, with four unique games on an authentic Family Feud set per cruise. Think we can call this one thrilling?


It’s possible to be thrilled by relaxation. But with all the work we put into helping you relax — this one kind of has to go in the other category. Cloud 9 has everything you expect like massages, facials and body wraps, plus the expertly-designed climates of thermal suites. Cloud 9 is actually where the pros kick back, and they know a thing or two about… chilling.


This isn’t just the most awesome rollercoaster at sea. BOLT also the first, and Mardi Gras has it. It’s all-electric and you even get to decide how much speed you put into your journey around this elevated track that gets you some 360° ocean views. Yep, this is the first rollercoaster on a cruise ship which makes it a true innovator in the field of relaxation. Kidding — this one’s thrilling!


Sorry, kids — not this time. This retreat is for the grown-ups who, you’ve gotta trust us, have earned a little alone time. You probably wouldn’t like it here at Serenity anyway, they just sit around and enjoy the breeze, and a perhaps a beverage, doing nothing. Ahhh, to be so blissfully doing nothing at all. The verdict? Chilling.


You can definitely sunbathe in a swimsuit, but if we’re being honest… it’s the official uniform of splashing. So suit up and report to WaterWorks on Mardi Gras! You’ll get your daily splash goal in no time with three large-scale spiraling slides, a giant dumping bucket, twin racing slides and more. No question — it’s thrilling!


Loft 19 is where you go to elevate vacation a little — this resort-style spot is a little more exclusive than most. But if that’s how you like to relax on vacation, Loft 19 on Mardi Gras invites you to the comfort of a lounge chair or infinity pool. Drinks service, private time in a rented cabana with fresh fruit, chilled towels, lunch delivery and concierge service? Mmm, that’s chilling.


We’re going to be honest here: this one’s technically all in how you play it. Sure, you can get all fired up, celebrate your sweet putts with a victory dance that would make a running back ask where you got those end-zone moves… but you’re playing golf. With a tiny putter. And a nice sea breeze. We’re declaring Mardi Gras’ onboard mini-golf chill.


If you’re wondering why this onboard dining spot would fall into either category… well, we recommend making a reservation to find out. This restaurant only seats 16, so everybody gets a front-row for the performance, where your chef prepares an interactive meal of delicious spectacles … you know, flying food, fresh off the grill. Bonsai Teppanyaki is for sure a thrill.


Mardi Gras has a lot of stateroom options. There’s the standard range of rooms, which start with cozy Interiors and work their way up to some incredible Suites. Then there’s Family Harbor rooms (the best staterooms for families), Havana staterooms (conveniently located near the Havana Pool). Carnival Excel suites even include complimentary access to Loft 19! And every stateroom on Mardi Gras is loaded with comfort for straight-up chilling.

Okay, so were you keeping score? We weren’t either! We’re pretty sure the Thrillers and the Chillers both won… just like everyone does on Mardi Gras. So bring your appetite for both kinds of fun because this fully-loaded ship sets sail from Port Canaveral in 2021!