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Which Mardi Gras zone is right for your vibe?

Loads of people are excited about Mardi Gras, and when the Carnival ship debuts with Caribbean cruises from Port Canaveral in 2021 folks are in for a whole bunch of onboard treats. Mardi Gras is going to be packed with fun of all kinds: tried-and-true fan-faves, new experiences and even an innovative can-you-believe-that or two!

There will be loads of fun… and this ship has an innovative new way to experience it all. For the first time ever, we’re introducing Zones: six themed areas that collect our premier dining, entertainment, action and relaxation spaces. Each zone has its own distinct local vibe. There’s variety waiting for you, but let’s find out which one’s your perfect home zone!

Grand Central

Glitz and glamor, bright lights, grand ambitions. Does this sound like a place you’d hang out? The Grand Central zone is a crossroads where entertainment mingles with fun. Everyone passes through Grand Central’s atrium — with its impressive three-story-high ceilings — as they enter and leave the ship, but it’s a place that’s just as rewarding for staying and lounging awhile. Grab a nice cup of coffee at the newly expanded Java Blue Café or a handcrafted cocktail and enjoy live music up on stage, plus great dining like Bonsai Sushi and Bonsai Teppanyaki. Feel-good entertainment like Piano Bar 88 and The Punchliner Comedy Club prove that good times are central to this zone.

French Quarter

Are you inspired by our inspiration? There’s no mistaking where it comes from, since this zone wears its namesake so proudly. Whether you call it The Big Easy, The Crescent City, NOLA or Nawlins, our French Quarter zone is New Orleanian through and through. And that means flavor, fun and even a dash of mysticism. First things first, we hooked up with — guess who! — to create Emeril’s Bistro 1396, a deliciously authentic Creole eatery. Just steps away is the hot-jazz and amazing cocktails of The Brass Magnolia, while the Fortune Teller bar might hold secrets of your future… or maybe just amazing cocktails.

Summer Landing

It may only account for a quarter of the year, but if it’s your quarter, then by golly Summer Landing might be your home zone. That means days spent by the pool soaking up some rays with a bottle of SPF close at hand. But don’t just look at the pool, make your splash! Then once you’ve swum an appetite, Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse | Brewhouse is ready to help you out, BBQ-and-brews style. (That’s “Guy” as in “Guy Fieri.”) You’ve gotta be thirsty by now, so The Watering Hole bar is conveniently poolside. And since you definitely have room for dessert — always, trust us — there’s a Swirls location. That’s our soft serve place. It’s free, open 24 hours a day… and if you’re not convinced that this ship is cool, Mardi Gras actually has two of them.

La Piazza

Did you know that Mardi Gras’ captain and officers are Italian? With all that seafaring spirit driving the ship, we thought we’d pay tribute. So if you’re a la dolce vita type cruiser, get to La Piazza pronto. And while you’re there, enjoy an authentic family-style meal of Italian favorites at Cucina del Capitano — yep, the captain has a restaurant, and you’re invited. There’s also a pizzeria, open 24 hours a day (and night) with a kitchen that’s always stocked with imported Italian flour and fresh mozzarella. This stuff matters! Enjoy all the fun during the day and don’t forget to check out the bar in La Piazza that stirs up some Italian cocktail classics when the sun goes down.


On a Carnival cruise, Lido is definitely a fan-favorite sunny outdoor spot. But nobody has never seen a Lido like the one on Mardi Gras! There’s the first-ever RedFrog Tiki Bar, two decks tall and packed with a fresh South Pacific atmosphere. Ramble on over to Street Eats, which does a rotating selection of highlights from the world’s fast-good cuisine. Fan-favorites Guy’s Burger Joint, Seafood Shack and BlueIguana Cantina do what they do best (yum, yum and yum — in that order), while relative newcomer Big Chicken is ready to win you over with deliciously juicy selections from morning throughout the day. (Oh, that’s Shaq’s place. Yep, that Shaq.)

The Ultimate Playground

“My kids will love The Ultimate Playground — but I’ll pass.” That’s what you think! Youngsters and oldsters alike will flock here to find the thrill of competition, the thrill of splashing and the thrill of… a rollercoaster? On a ship? Yes on a ship! Mardi Gras is the first ship anywhere with a rollercoaster at sea: BOLT, the all-electric thrill ride where the power of speed is on your hands. The Ultimate Playground is also where we’re hiding the waterslides (okay, the three big slides aren’t exactly hiding). Don’t forget SportSquare, where there’s an entire mini-golf course, full-court basketball and a ropes course. Winning, right? Maybe this zone is your zone!

By now you’ve seen what Mardi Gras has to offer and probably have a home zone in mind. Or two, right? Wait… three, really? If this is feeling like a tough choice, the best news of all is… there’s no choice to make!

You can vibe on all of this! Grab a 6-, 7- or 8-day cruise on Mardi Gras and there’s time to experience everything. See you in Port Canaveral in 2021!