3 Things Cruise Skeptics Should Know

Since we’ve been Instagramming and blogging about our recent Carnival cruise, we’ve gotten a lot of interest and questions from readers. Really great questions, such as why an adventurous couple would go on a cruise, what the food is like, if cruising REALLY is as amazing as we claim, and why we chose Carnival. We thought we’d tackle all of your questions very openly and honestly… Because,truth be known, before this trip Bobby was what we like to term “cruise skeptical!” (Alli, on the other hand, has been on over a dozen cruises and can recite all of the deck plans from past ships. It may be a slight obsession.) From the moment we stepped inside the Carnival Breeze, it didn’t take much convincing Bobby that cruises are epic…. but let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Here are three things Bobby learned during our 6 day Western Caribbean cruise:


1. Boredom is NOT an option

Probably the question we get the most (and one of Bobby’s initial concerns), is “What do you do all day on the ship? Is it boring?” We can confidently say that you will never be bored on a Carnival cruise. Hey, they’re not called the “Fun Ships” for nothing!!!

Entertainment is constant (if you want it to be). Ping pong tournaments, cooking demonstrations, aerobics classes, trivia games, 4D movies… you name it, they have it! Our problem was never boredom, it was the inability to fit everything we wanted to do in one day!! Like the…..

the INCREDIBLY speedy waterslides


and moonlit movie nights on the Lido Deck!


 2. Cruising is for adventure seekers too

As a couple that is known for their audacious travel, we’ve had many inquiries about why we would pick cruising. It seems to be a common misconception that cruises limit your ability to discover and explore new destinations. We’re happy to say that we found quite the opposite to be true! We can’t think of anything cooler than waking up at a different tropical location every morning.


Whether we were driving a Jeep through secluded beaches in Cozumel, riding a catamaran through the turquoise waters of Grand Cayman, or getting caught in a rainstorm in Jamaica, it was a constant adventure!


 3. The food is good. Really good.

…And that’s coming from two self-proclaimed “foodies!” If you haven’t already noticed, we take our dining experiences very seriously. (We’ve even been known to pick our travel destinations based on restaurants and yelp reviews!) That being said, the food served on our Carnival cruise had a lot to live up to, especially for Bobby. Thankfully, it did just that. Every day our meals were top quality. From mouthwatering steaks and decadent desserts at the Steakhouse (Fahrenheit 555 on Carnival Breeze),


to fresh and healthy made-to-order tacos at the BlueIguana Cantina,


to 24 hour homemade pizza and soft serve (Alli’s favorite),


we can confidently say we NEVER went hungry. And if we were craving different dishes, like sushi and burgers, it wasn’t a problem! (Guess you could say it was a vacation for our taste buds too?!)


There you have it. From the onboard entertainment, to the memories you make in each location, to the flavorsome dishes onboard, cruising exceeded our expectations – especially Bobby’s! If you consider yourself “Cruise Skeptical,” we challenge you to give it a try and book a Carnival cruise. If for nothing more than their Chocolate Melting Cake, and their starlit dance parties!


This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.