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Top Cruise Ship Games to Play During Your Cruise Vacation

Cruise Ship Games to Play During Your Cruise Vacation

  1. Larger than life games
  2. Go for fun runs
  3. Compete in Sports
  4. Scavenger Hunts
  5. Singing Competitions
  6. Adults-Only Games
  7. Kids-Only Games

If you think taking a cruise is all fun and games, you’re right! Bring out your inner kid and let your kids be kids by taking full advantage of the vast array of onboard ship games that vary by ship. You and your kids will learn fast that there’s a lot to do when you’re on a cruise.

kids playing table tennis at sportsquare on board a carnival cruise ship

Larger-Than-Life Board Games

If board games are the perfect way to bond with your family at home, imagine the memories you’ll make when you participate in games that come to life in the only way they can on a Carnival cruise ship

  • All ages love a murder mystery, especially when it’s on board and live. Grab your free CLUE Case File and play CLUE©: The Murder Mystery to win your reward.

Go for Fun Runs

You don’t have to give up your daily jogs on a cruise when you have an onboard jogging track designed for all ages, and it comes with the most scenic view you’ll ever have on a run. Tag a jog around a ship’s jogging track, all while inhaling the invigorating fresh salt air.

Compete in Sports

You’ll always be able to find your inner athlete on a Carnival cruise ship:

  • On board, play all the volleyball and basketball your heart desires.
  • Take advantage of SportSquare, your outdoor gym at sea.
  • For a solo bike adventure in the sky, try the SkyRide® course at an elevation of 145 feet above the ocean.
  • If you’re a mini-golfing enthusiast, you’ll love the ocean view and the sound of the seagulls cheering you on.
  • If racing sailboats is more your speed, you’ll love cruising to St. Maarten to participate in America’s Cup Regatta, where you’ll compete in your own race around a shortened America’s Cup course on famous race boats.

cruisers playing dodgeball on board a carnival cruise ship

Scavenger Hunts

You’ve never experienced a scavenger hunt like the ones designed for shore-excursion fun. Choose the level of challenge you want to take on, from easy-peasy to physically challenging:

Singing Competitions

Try your hand at becoming the onboard Lip Sync Battle Champion. Get on stage and sing under the lights and props and learn all the choreography moves to bring out your inner superstar, even if it’s singing along with the karaoke machine.

man putting on a performance at lip sync battle: carnival

Adults-Only Games

There are times when you just want to play with the adults, and there’s plenty of that on a Carnival cruise. From rambunctious to relaxing, there are games and activities onboard and off that you can enjoy.

For guests 21 and up:

  • Be the captain of your cocktails and participate in the tastiest onboard mixologist competition using spirits from all over the world.
  • Cruise to Saint John, NB, Canada to participate in a Moosehead Pub Crawl and enjoy local beer-drinking games.

For guests 18 and up:

friends playing roulette at a carnival cruise casino

Kids-Only Games

There are plenty of cruise ship games and activities for your kids. It’s also a great way for your kids to meet new friends

  • Camp Ocean keeps 2 to 11-year olds busy and active in a supervised environment filled with age-appropriate cruise games and activities divided into age-based groups, including Penguins (ages 2 to 5), Stingrays (ages 6 to 8), and Sharks (ages 9 to 11).
  • Night Owls® is a supervised party and game night for kids 11 and under.
  • Circle “C,”® for 12 to 14-year olds, offers games along with other activities such as outdoor movies and dancing.
  • Club O2® gives high schoolers, ages 15 to 17, a place to play video games along with other activities, such as music jam sessions. Your teen won’t want to be absent from this version of high school on the high seas.

kids playing tag at camp ocean onboard a carnival cruise ship

Dip further into Carnival Cruises’ onboard cruise activity list, where you can browse destination and activity ideas to fulfill a game-filled vacation. You’ll quickly see that you’ll never be bored while journeying to your destination or on shore during an excursion.

A vacation aboard a Carnival ship is designed to give you the most fun experience you could ask for. Treat yourself and your family to memories of a lifetime with a Carnival cruise, and check into some well-deserved playtime.

Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary by ship and destination.