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Cruise Style

I just got back from an AMAZING cruise to the Caribbean thanks to Carnival Cruise Line! Gosh this trip was incredible and the ship was BEAUTIFUL! Walking around the deck and checking out the scenery was one of my favorite things to do. Below are some outfits and accessories I wore to make me feel like I was “cruising in style.”

When vacationing in the Caribbean, I highly recommend wearing linen. It’s a light and comfortable fabric perfect for being in the sun. I also recommend a good “wedge” shoe! I wore these wedges a lot… they’re neutral so they go with everything and are very comfortable because they have a lot of support!





Wearing a hat is necessary while cruising. I found most of the time it was pretty windy on the ship, so doing my hair was just not practical. I honestly wore this panama hat EVERYDAY! It’s the perfect “vacation” hat and the brim was long enough to shade my eyes.





Bring a watch!! You go through so many different times zones it was hard to know what time it was. I use my phone to rely on time, but the phone isn’t accurate according to “ship time”. Wearing a watch was very helpful.


I believe in wearing a bold print. It helps you stand out from the crowd. I received SO MANY compliments on this dress! Plus, it’s lightweight and comfortable.

Less layers the better when cruising.



Another practical tip for “cruisin’ in style” is ditching your underwear…for your bathing suit!! I found myself always wearing a bathing suit under my clothes because I never knew when I felt like taking a dip in the pool, hopping in one of the many jacuzzis, or going down that epic slide! It was a pain to go to the room every time I wanted to change into my suit. So I started incorporating it in my outfits.






I recommend wearing a good deck shoe on board. I wore my white ones almost every day! They seamlessly transitioned from outfit to outfit.


I love a good bikini. For me personally, I found myself wearing a “high waisted” bikini bottom during the week. With the amount of amazing food I was eating on the ship, my high waisted bikini came in very handy!



There was only one day where it was a bit cooler. I wore long linen pants and a lightweight trench coat. Of course, I still kept my bikini rule and it was a good thing I did…in a few moments I found myself in a nearby jacuzzi watching the sunset.





My last night on the ship I decided to go with a “sailor theme”. When in Rome, right?



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