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St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail Recipe: The Baby Stout

Get ready to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day! Every year, Carnival celebrates with a day full of St. Patrick’s Day festivities featuring an Irish-style Pub Crawl, specialty drinks, entrees and desserts. Families can also participate in the St. Quackie’s Day Duck Hunt.

If you can sail during St. Paddy’s, you’re in for a treat: try out four different seasonal Irish-themed cocktails. One of the favorites, of course, is the Baby Stout…which is great for adults! If you can’t take a vacation around this time of year, you can still try this dark, creamy recipe at home to add a new twist to this year’s celebration.

Baby Stout
Serve in a shot glass


  • 1 oz Your favorite tequila coffee liqueur
  • .75 oz Irish crème


  • Pour chilled tequila coffee liqueur into a shot glass. Carefully top it off with Irish crème, layering the shot so that it looks like a small glass of stout!
  • It doesn’t have to be exact, but for best results make sure to use a bit more tequila coffee liqueur than Irish crème.

Shot glass with Kahlua coffee liqueur flavor. With Irish cream on top.