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10 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas, Perfect for a Cruise!

When planning what to pack for your next holiday cruise, a Halloween costume might not be the first thing that springs to mind. However, if you are embarking on a Carnival cruise during this frightfully fun time of year, a suitable costume is an absolute must!

There’s only one small problem: You need a costume now.

Never fear! Our last-minute Halloween costume ideas will ensure you are dressed to impress!

What to Expect on a Carnival Cruise Over Halloween

From costume contests and dance parties to an onboard Halloween parade and horror movie nights under the stars, you’ll be treated to a phantasmagorical selection of cruise activities and entertainment onboard a Carnival cruise ship. There’s even trick-or-treating for the little ones and special themed desserts to sink your teeth into.

Putting Together a Last-Minute Halloween Costume

Whether you have a few days or a few hours before your cruise departs, there’s always time to put a Halloween costume together. Our costume ideas cover terrifying creatures from the deep, fair maidens of the sea, and some general costume ideas that are easy to put together and pack.

1. Sailor

Splice the deck and sweep the mainbrace me hearties! Oh wait, that isn’t right. Is this rum bottle empty? More rum! The drunken sailor costume is just perfect for a cruise, especially if you can act the part by staggering around on deck and squinting out of one eye. You’ll find a range of sailor outfits at your local fancy dress store, but a few ragged clothes, a battered pirate’s hat and a little carefully applied eyeliner will more than suffice.

toddler dressed as a sailor sleeping on the beach

2. Crazy Cat Lady

If you’re mad about cats, you no doubt have lots of toy cats around your home. Stitch these toys onto an old jacket, dressing gown or sweater, and you’re ready to go. Even better, this is a one-piece costume, so it won’t take up lots of space in your luggage.

3. Creature From the Deep

The creature from the deep can’t survive on dry land or deck for too long. Well, just long enough to enjoy the party before retiring back to his watery home. You should be able to find webbed hands and feet in many costume shops. Complete the look with some green and black makeup and some party streamers in the same colors strewn over your head, shoulders and arms to look like seaweed.

view of the water while cave diving

4. The Great White

Just when they thought it was safe to go back in the water, you appear in your great white shark costume! You can purchase full shark costumes in many costume shops, or you might like to fashion your own using gray clothing and a novelty shark hat — unfortunately, Carnival cruises don’t permit masks to be worn onboard for security reasons.

woman dressed as a great white shark

5. Bunch of Grapes

If you’re heading for a weekend getaway and really looking to travel light on your Carnival cruise, the bunch of grapes costume is perfect. In fact, all you need to pack is a bag of green or purple balloons and some adhesive tape. Simply blow them up on the day and stick them all over your clothes and to each other to create a layered effect that looks like a bunch of grapes.

6. The Dead Bride

She’s been jilted at the altar on her cruise wedding and is in despair. The dead bride is another highly effective costume that won’t break the bank or use up your precious packing time or space. All you need is a white veil, a white dress and some face makeup to create the gorgeous black-and-blue tinge that is all the rage amongst dead brides this season!

7. Zombify Anything

The great thing about zombies is that they were once regular people going about their everyday lives. This means you can zombify pretty much any outfit! Simply pop on some face paint and adopt the typical zombie pose. Pawing at people’s heads and groaning “brains, brains” is sure to raise a few giggles.

boy dressed as a zombie

8. The World’s Gift to Men or Women

All you need for this costume is a big gift tag with space to write who the gift is from and who it is to. In the “to” space, write “men” or “women” as appropriate, and in the “from” space, write “The World.” Simply pop the tag around your neck and away you go. This costume is sure to get a smile and perhaps a few phone numbers!

9. Maniac Ship Doctor or Nurse

When you’re the ship’s doctor or nurse you have a very important job to do. By day your bedside manner is gentle and caring, but by night it’s another story! If only they knew what you got up to at night when the decks are deserted. Were those screams or just seagulls? For this costume you’ll need hospital scrubs or lab coat and your best manic expression.

little girl dressed as a maniac doctor

10. Mermaid

What Halloween cruise would be complete without a mermaid staring forlornly out to sea while brushing her long hair? All you need is a long wig, a green or blue dress, and some coordinating makeup and shell accessories to complete this look.

Get Ready for a Frightfully Fun Cruise

The Halloween celebrations onboard a Carnival cruise are always memorable and lots of fun! And with cruises setting sail to a wide range of destinations in October, including the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico and The Bahamas, there is plenty of time to book your place.