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10 Best Mexican Riviera and Baja Shore Excursions You Have to Try

10 Mexican Riviera and Baja Shore Excursions you Have to Try

  1. A Starlit Jungle and Feast for the Senses
  2. Relaxation, Luxury Resort Style
  3. Swim With Dolphins and Explore Nature’s Finest Work
  4. Unwind in a Slower Pace of Life
  5. A Camelback Adventure Through Perfect Baja Terrain
  6. Soar Through the Mesmerizing Sierra Madres
  7. Explore the Wonders of Famous Catalina Island
  8. A Bird’s Eye View of a Pacific Gem
  9. Wine Tasting and Exploration in an Enchanting Mexican Countryside
  10. A Quiet Horseback Tour of Mexico’s Gorgeous Gold Coast

We have very good news for you. The cruise to the Mexican Riviera you’ve long dreamt of is everything you imagined it to be with endless blue skies, warm ocean breezes, and amazing culture that saturates your senses.

And to fully turn those daydreams into reality, some well-chosen excursions can transform your Baja Mexico cruise from an exciting and memorable experience into something truly extraordinary.

To help you get the very most from your Baja cruise, we have put together a list of the ten best Mexican Riviera and Baja shore excursions, each with something unique and remarkable to add to your cruise experience.

While it’s impossible to go wrong with any of them, choose a few that will put a bounce in your step, quicken your pulse, and create memories that are impossible to outlive. But don’t take too long, though, because those perfect Mexican breezes are waiting for you.

woman enjoying the view of the rainforest on top of a mayan temple in mexico

1. A Starlit Jungle and Feast for the Senses

Believe it or not, there are still places in the world where tradition reigns supreme and transports you back in time. The Rhythms of the Night excursion is a perfect example of this, where you’re taken to the magical and isolated cove of Las Caletas and immersed in the pulsating rhythms of Mexican culture.

Beneath a starry sky and surrounded by an ancient village, the excursion treats you to a candlelit dinner and a series of powerful images, live music, and acrobats that will introduce you to a mysterious, fascinating, and entrancing side of Mexico’s rich culture and history.

When looking for unique things to do during your Baja cruise, the Rhythm of the Night excursion should be near the top of everyone’s list.

2. Relaxation, Luxury Resort Style

There’s something to be said for pampering yourself and hitting the pause button on life to bask in the sun. Naturally, a cruise to Mexico provides endless opportunities for such pursuits, and the All-Inclusive Beach Resort Getaway excursion is an ideal chance for some world-class R&R.

You’ll spend your day at the El Cid Marina Beach Club, where you’ll have your choice of lounging next to two tempting swimming pools with a swim-up bar, a picturesque lagoon and underwater caves, and unforgettable views of a perfect Mexican seascape.

Between the countless amenities, delicious snack buffet, refreshing drinks, and breathtaking views, this excursion is sure to give you a lasting taste for the finer side of life.

group of friends playing volleyball in a beach resort getaway in mexican riviera

3. Swim With Dolphins and Explore Nature’s Finest Work

Your Mexican Riviera cruise provides endless opportunities to soak in iconic landscapes and moments that you’ll fondly remember well after your vacation comes to an end. Thanks to the Dolphin Swim & the Arch Exploration excursion, you’ll be introduced to two of those iconic experiences with one fell swoop.

The excursion begins with an introduction to our friends beneath the ocean, swimming with dolphins and quickly learning why they are so fascinating and endearing. Afterward, you’ll take an up-close and personal tour of Baja’s famous arch and marvel at its water and wind-chiseled features.

You’ll be amazed by some of Mother Nature’s finest work, leaving you with a lasting appreciation for this exceptional and unique place.

4. Unwind in a Slower Pace of Life

There’s a mystique about Mexico that begs for you to discover, one that’s equal parts culture and natural beauty. The Sea Safari – Hidden Beaches & Snorkel excursion provides you the best of both worlds, an introduction to pristine Mexican coastlines and a relaxed lifestyle that will seem like a different universe from your daily grind.

You’ll explore two remote beach villages by foot and horseback, winding through the surrounding jungle to discover a hidden waterfall that begs for you to swim beneath and let your worries melt away.

Once you’re completely relaxed, your adventure continues by a short boat ride to La Bola where you’ll snorkel in warm tropical waters and quickly realize why Mexico is an underwater explorer’s paradise.

To wrap up your excursion, enjoy an exquisite lunch and extra time to relax on the beach, kayak along the shore, or walk through the quaint seaside village and experience its quiet and slower pace to life.

several hammocks tied on palm trees in a hidden beach in the mexican riviera

5. A Camelback Adventure Through Perfect Baja Terrain

Cabo is a series of adventures waiting for you to discover. The Camel & Mexican Outback Adventure with Lunch excursion is an ideal entry point into the region’s endless intrigue and excitement. From an oceanside ranch, you’ll sample locally made tortillas and tequila before embarking on a fascinating nature walk and camel ride along a pristine Baja beach.

You’ll also climb aboard an off-road vehicle and explore vast desert canyons, riverbeds, and the very best of Baja’s gorgeous natural environment. Before heading back to the pier, you’ll dig into a delicious Mexican lunch for yet another example of why so many people across the world can’t help gravitating towards Baja.

6. Soar Through the Mesmerizing Sierra Madres

Of course, Mexico is so much more than just a pretty face. It also has a lively heartbeat that offers excitement to anyone in search of thrills. With the Canopy Adventure excursion, thrillseekers don’t have to look far to find a surge of adrenaline surrounded by Mazatlan’s lush forest.

You’ll travel up the foothills of the Sierra Madre and soar above the tree canopy across nine zip lines, 12 platforms, and a bridge traversing a stunning canyon. Once back on terra firma, you’ll unwind with a tour of a local tequila distillery, sample some of the enticing fare, and walk away from your excursion with some truly mesmerizing stories to tell your friends back home.

woman zip lining across the canopy in the mexican riviera

7. Explore the Wonders of Famous Catalina Island

A Mexican cruise also gives you the opportunity to explore nearby Catalina Island just off the California coast. The Catalina Kayak Expedition lets you explore this famous Pacific jewel aboard a two-person kayak and experience its unique environment and abundant wildlife in a way that few ever get to enjoy.

After exploring Catalina’s charming seaside town of Avalon and a brief orientation, you’ll board a sturdy kayak and glide through the intriguing kelp forests teeming with tropical fish, sea lions, and other creatures as your guide educates you on your surroundings. If you’re lucky, you’ll even spot some bald eagles and porpoises along the way.

8. A Bird’s Eye View of a Pacific Gem

While you’re on Catalina, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to soar 800 feet above Avalon and the alluring Pacific Ocean on the Catalina Parasailing excursion. As breathtaking as the island is by land and ocean, the views from high above will give you a new appreciation for the charming island just off Southern California’s coast.

Side-by-side with another guest, your parasailing adventure starts on the onboard flight deck and provides you with a literal bird’s eye view of the beautiful surroundings from a vantage point rarely experienced by others. Soak in the environment and excitement as you enjoy an entirely new perspective on the local topography and marine life.

father and his two daughters parasailing in baja mexico

9. Wine Tasting & Exploration in an Enchanting Mexican Countryside

Mexican countrysides have a way of charming their way into the hearts of anyone that visits them. The Wine Country ATV Adventure makes no attempt to prevent that charm from burrowing its way into your heart and, luckily for you, you’ll forever be thankful for the memories.

From atop your very own ATV, you’ll wind your way through the breathtaking Guadalupe Valley and its rolling country hills filled with vineyards and olive trees. You’ll wonder if you’ve somehow transported to Tuscany as the landscapes and views of the valley and surrounding mountains envelop you.

After your ATV tour concludes, you’ll finish at a countryside estate and sample locally made wines, fresh artisan bread and cheeses, and learn about the charismatic region and what makes it such a special place.

10. A Quiet Horseback Tour of Mexico’s Gorgeous Gold Coast

Sometimes a slower pace is needed to fully absorb a genuinely magnificent environment. Such is the case with the Baja Bandidos Horseback Trail excursion, where you’ll leisurely soak in the beautiful hills of San Miguel on the back of a well-trained and healthy horse.

With magnificent views of the Pacific and Bay of Ensenada, you’ll experience Mexico’s beautiful Gold Coast with the Todos Santos Islands as a truly breathtaking backdrop.

woman horseback riding on a magnificent trail in baja mexico

A cruise to the Mexican Riviera is a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover what makes Baja and the surrounding region so unique and memorable. And with any of these ten excursions, you’ll never be left wondering what to do during your Baja Mexico vacation, no matter your age or interests.

There’s no time like the present to treat yourself to the excitement and awe of the Mexican coast and, thanks to these excursions, memories that will last a lifetime.

Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary by ship and destination.