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Half Moon Cay Creatures

These creatures helped make Half Moon Cay the top-rated private island in the Caribbean.

Half Moon Cay has been voted the best private island for 20 years for many reasons—the powdery white beaches, crystal clear waters, and the private cabanas that let you take in all the beach vibes. 

But the local animals have played a part too! In fact, many of them are part of the island’s top attractions. So, from the gorgeous waters surrounding this Bahamian paradise to the birds chirping in the treetops, let’s get to know a few local residents you’ll encounter there:

Half Moon Cay’s horses like to cool off in the waves as well.


Taking a horseback ride is a crowd favorite Half Moon Cay activity, where you can explore the landscape and the water. These four-legged friends will take you on winding trails up to the highest point of the island for unparalleled views, and then return to the beach and wade into the waves, so you both can cool off!  

The Blue Tang fish is recognizable thanks to Dory in Finding Nemo.

Tropical Fish

Whether you’re on a glass-bottom boat for a lagoon tour or you’re underwater with a snorkeling set, you’ve gotta see the tropical fish. The clear Bahamian water is home to all sorts of colorful sea creatures—from the iridescent and “beaked” parrot fish to the plentiful blue tangs, and of course the clownfish made famous by Finding Nemo

Watching a southern stingray glide through crystal clear water can’t be beat.

Sting Rays 

Another aquatic resident of Half Moon Cay makes for a must-try activity: swimming with stingrays. You can see these majestic creatures up close as they glide through the water. You can also feel their velvety wings and hand feed them! 

Fancy a little Bahamian birdwatching?

Tropical Birds

If you’re biking or hiking around Half Moon Cay, don’t forget to look up! Many birds call the island home, including Bahama Mockingbirds, Wood Doves, and the aptly named White Crown Pigeons. 

Some of the more flamboyantly feathered sightings could include the Bahama Yellowthroat, multicolored Western Spindalis, and the Greater Antillean Bullfinch with its distinctive reddish-orange markings (that look like eyebrows). 


Ted the resident donkey gets around Half Moon Cay.


Of all the animals on Half Moon Cay, you’d think it’d be hard for everyone to agree on a favorite. But then you meet Ted—the resident donkey with a certain je ne sais quoi about him that’s made him a fan favorite and the unofficial mascot of the island. 

Ted is excited for cruisers to return to visit him, and you can always follow his lead for fun around Half Moon Cay.